Fulton County Marriage Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Fulton County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Fulton County ClerkPO Box 219SalemAR72576870-895-3310
Fulton County Marriage LicenseP.O. Box 219SalemAR72576870-895-3310
Mammoth Spring City Hall325 Main StreetMammoth SpringAR72554870-625-3518
Fulton County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Fulton County Divorce Certificates
Fulton County Marriage Certificates & Records


Married Couples 2,908 (56.8%)
Unmarried Couples 355 (3.0%)
Never Married Men 1,088 (22.1%)
Never Married Women 700 (13.6%)
Separated Men 41 (0.8%)
Separated Women 49 (0.9%)
Widowed Men 233 (4.7%)
Widowed Women 732 (14.2%)
Divorced Men 644 (13.1%)
Divorced Women 591 (11.4%)

Marriage Records in Fulton County, Arkansas

Marriage Records in Fulton County Arkansas

You can find marriage records in Fulton County, Arkansas on the Internet. The information is stored and maintained at the county’s records office. This information can include names and dates of birth, the names of the brides and groom, the names of parents and witnesses, the names of the officiator of the ceremony, the names of the witnesses, and the outcome of the wedding. Marriage records can also show the civil status of the couple, including their age (if known), residency (residing in Arkansas at the time of the marriage, or later when they remarried) and more.

Marriage records are usually kept at the county’s records office in the place where the ceremony took place. These can be found at the county courthouse, at the post office, or online. There is a fee for retrieving marriage records. The fee is not charged if you access the records online; however, if you access the records at the courthouse you will need to pay an administrative fee. If you do access the records office online, you will probably only receive a physical copy, meaning you cannot make any copies from your own version.

You may need to look up marriage and divorce records if someone you know has been divorced or if you suspect that someone you know may be divorced. To look up the records of someone who was divorced, there is only one place to go to: the records office of the county in which the divorce took place. The records office will have the divorce records in their database. To get a copy of someone else’s record, you will usually have to file a request, which is free. Once you fill out the request form, it will be directed to the processing department and a response regarding your request will be sent to you within a few weeks.

To view marriage records in other states, you can search through the National Marriage Index. This index is searchable by location and is fairly easy to use. If you would like a more convenient way to search for the records, you may want to consider using an online records retrieval service. By using one of these services, you can access the records you need within a few minutes without having to visit the county records office or write down everything on paper. These services charge a small fee for use, but you will save time by not having to run around town searching for the records you need.

Many people want to know if there are public records online for a certain person or even for themselves. Luckily, there are services available that allow you to access the information you are after for a small fee. To gain access to these services you will usually have to pay a nominal fee, but it is worth it because the records you can access are much more reliable. Also, you can perform an unlimited number of searches for one time only fee. Because these records are not available through the traditional paper or court system, they are considered to be very confidential.

Marriage records are public information in Arkansas. It is a matter of public record, which means anyone can access it. In order to view some of the records, you will have to go through a records office. To see the rest of the records, an online search will be necessary. With an online records retrieval service, you can find out all the information you are looking for regarding marriage records in Fulton County Arkansas.