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How to Locate Jail Records

In Chatham County North Carolina, arrest warrants can be issued for persons who have violated terms of their probation, parole or release agreements. When an individual is charged with a crime, their attorney will review the case to determine whether there is probable cause to believe that the person committed the crime. Proving a defendant’s or victim’s innocence is a complex and sensitive process that requires both investigative skills and patience on the part of the lawyer. The reliability of jail records will play an important role in this process.

Jail records are typically maintained by the local correctional facility where the person has been held. While state facilities will usually keep records for a limited period of time, county facilities often maintain these records indefinitely. However, there may be circumstances where the records can be removed from Chatham County.

In the event of an arrest, a person may submit an application to the circuit court requesting an inspection of their criminal record. This request can be done directly or through the clerk of court. Once a copy of the application has been received, the office will conduct an inspection of the records. If any information in the records are deemed to be inadmissible under state law, it will be removed. If not, the records will remain available for public access.

State law provides the courts with the authority to seal criminal records, but it is up to the individual to go through the appeals process to remove the records. This can be a lengthy process. Once the records are sealed, they cannot be inspected again. Unless there is reason to believe that the sealed records contain sensitive information relevant to a client’s case, attorneys will not conduct personal searches on such records.

Jail records are considered to be public information because the jail where the person was arrested has posted the records. However, jail booking photos and fingerprints are considered as confidential records and cannot be shared outside of the criminal justice system and criminal defense attorney offices. Jail records can only be searched by people authorized by the county or state’s attorney general. There are also circumstances when the release of the inmate may be suspended pending an appeal.

In some states, jail records are accessible for free. For example, in Arkansas, all jail records are free to view by the public. However, in other states, the right to obtain these records is restricted. This is mostly to protect the identity of the individuals.