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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Chatham County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Chatham County Clerk of Court40 East Chatham StreetPittsboroNC27312919-545-3500
Chatham County Marriage License12 East StreetPittsboroNC27312919-542-8235
Goldston Town Hall40 Coral AveGoldstonNC27252919-898-4441
Siler City Town HallSte A, 311 N 2nd AveSiler CityNC27344919-742-4732
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Married Couples15,482 (55.0%)
Unmarried Couples1,289 (1.9%)
Never Married Men7,024 (25.9%)
Never Married Women6,109 (20.7%)
Separated Men437 (1.6%)
Separated Women844 (2.9%)
Widowed Men998 (3.7%)
Widowed Women3,495 (11.9%)
Divorced Men2,012 (7.4%)
Divorced Women3,090 (10.5%)

How to Search For Marriage Records

Chatham County, North Carolina is the seat of Putnam County and has a number of vital records maintained. These records include such vital information as marriage records and death records. Most people are aware of the existence of death records, but marriage records are kept in different locations throughout the county. This manual labor effort to locate and update marriage records has been in place for many years.

The vital records office in Putnam County has been conducting these vital records searches since it began operations in 1948. It was one of the first county record offices to have access to the whole United States Vital Statistics Office database. These records have been used for a number of purposes including locating marriage records and death records of living persons. These vital records also have helpful information pertaining to genealogy. Some records can be accessed for free, while others are charged depending on the type of information being requested. In either case, the cost is minimal and worth the convenience and information you will receive.

You can also search for Chatham County marriage records online. There are several web sites that offer such services. Free marriage records searches are available from some of the commercially available databases, while some of the premium databases provide comprehensive information with fee-based searches. This can save you money and time and most web sites have several search options that allow you to refine your results. You can specify the date range, the state of the union and sometimes the County if you know it.

Some services are not able to give updated information due to technological limitations. If this is the case, try another date. Sometimes things can occur over a period of time which may affect the information provided by the site you are using. Also, if you try to look up information from a site that you have never used before, you may get some funny results. Since you have given your information for these services to keep it secure, it would be best to use the same service they offer.

When you have found the marriage records you need, it is important that you verify the information. Sometimes the date and location of the event may not match the information you have found. Verify the information before using it to avoid discrepancies. This can save you time and money if you use a site that offers this option for you to avoid being pulled into a legal investigation.

Marriage record searches can take some time depending on the depth of the information you are looking for. The more resources you have the faster your search will take. If you are able to find the person you are looking for in the database you use, the next step is to verify the information you find out. To make sure that everything is accurate, use paid marriage records search to avoid any misunderstandings.