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(88)Sussex County Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Sussex Boot CampPO Box 500GeorgetownDE19947302-856-5280
Sussex County Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Sussex Community Corrections & Probation23207 Dupont BoulevardGeorgetownDE19947302-856-5790
Sussex Correctional Institution23203 Dupont BoulevardGeorgetownDE19947302-856-5280
Sussex County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 589GeorgetownDE19947302-855-7830
Sussex Violation Of Probation Center23207 Dupont BoulevardGeorgetownDE19947302-856-5790
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Jail Records – How to Find Criminal Records Online

Criminal justice professionals, law enforcers, and concerned parents often look for county-by-county information on jail records. Jail records are public records but the source of these records is confidential and is only accessible by law enforcement agencies of the county in which the person was convicted of a crime. Details that are found on this record include the person’s personal particulars, arrest date, severity of the crime, time of arrest, name of the accused, court proceedings pertaining to the case, present location of the accused, offenses with which the person was charged, time of sentencing, disposition date, case number and date of expiration of the jail term. Information found on this record can help protect yourself and your family. This is especially important if you are involved in the hiring of an individual or conducting your own background check on individuals you hire.

Criminal justice personnel perform checks on potential employees or individuals that they supervise. There may be instances where you need to hire someone for your company and they require a background check. The criminal records available through Delaware State Police are considered public domain. In some instances however, you may need to have a signed waiver form approved by the county before having access to these records. Under state law, the waiver must state that the person has been advised of their responsibility to disclose criminal history records.

These criminal justice files contain personal information not only about the person but about the person’s family and friends. Jail records of persons convicted of a felony are kept separately from other criminal files. This is so because only a select few criminal cases are tried in a criminal court. If you are employing someone or obtaining a copy of someone’s criminal record, it is vital that you know where to find the files.

There are many online services available to conduct a search for jail records. Most of them provide free online access to extensive criminal database records. The records available can give you a detailed insight into the criminal activity of the individual concerned. These records also contain personal information such as name, date of birth, current address, past address, aliases, present location, employment history, contact details, criminal activity, sex offender registration, and much more. Some websites offer information on related charges such as drug possession, sexual offenses, domestic violence, and other criminal acts.

The major drawback of using a jail records search online is that the information you obtain is limited to that of the jurisdiction in which the file is stored. In case of any error, the database may not give you the accurate or up to date information. Hence, it is vital that you verify the accuracy of the data obtained from jail records search before publishing it in any website.

If you need access to many criminal records at one go, then an online directory is highly recommended. Such online directories allow you to access state of the federal and local criminal records of any individual living in the United States of America. You can carry out nationwide and international background checks within minutes. These directories not only help you save time and money by providing criminal record information at your fingertips, but also protect you and your family by enabling you to ensure that the people around you are not involved in criminal activity.