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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(99)Sussex County Police Departments
Bethany Beach Police Department214 Garfield ParkwayBethany BeachDE19930302-539-1000
Sussex County Police Departments
Blades Police Department20 West 4th StreetSeafordDE19973302-629-7329
Bridgeville Police Department302 Market StreetBridgevilleDE19933302-337-8302
Dagsboro Police Department504 Main StreetDagsboroDE19939302-732-3777
Dagsboro Police Department33134 Main StreetDagsboroDE19939302-732-3777
Delaware River And Bay Authority Police Department Troop 243 Cape Henlopen DriveLewesDE19958302-644-6053
Delaware State Police Troop 4 - Georgetown23652 Shortly RoadGeorgetownDE19947302-856-5850
Delaware State Police Troop 5 - Bridgeville9265 Public Safety WayBridgevilleDE19933302-337-1090
Delaware State Police Troop 7 - Lewes18006 Coastal HighwayLewesDE19958302-644-5020
Dewey Beach Police Department105 Rodney AvenueDewey BeachDE19971302-227-1110
Ellendale Police Department300 Mc Caulley AvenueEllendaleDE19941302-422-3584
Fenwick Island Police Department800 Coastal HighwayFenwick IslandDE19944302-539-2000
Georgetown Police Department335 North Race StreetGeorgetownDE19947302-856-6613
Greenwood Police Department100 West Market StreetGreenwoodDE19950302-349-4534
Laurel Police Department205 Mechanic StreetLaurelDE19956302-875-2244
Lewes Police Department114 East Third StreetLewesDE19958302-645-6264
Millsboro Police Department307 Main StreetMillsboroDE19966302-934-8174
Milton Police Department101 Federal StreetMiltonDE19968302-684-8547
Ocean View Police Department201 Central AvenueOcean ViewDE19970302-539-1111
Rehoboth Beach Police Department229 Rehoboth AvenueRehoboth BeachDE19971302-227-2577
Seaford Police Department300 Virginia AvenueSeafordDE19973302-629-6644
Selbyville Police Department68 Church StreetSelbyvilleDE19975302-436-5085
South Bethany Police Department402 Evergreen RoadSouth BethanyDE19930302-539-3996
Sussex County Sheriff Department
Sussex County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 589GeorgetownDE19947302-855-7830
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How to Search For Warrant Records Easily

Warrant records in Sussex County, Delaware are maintained by the Sussex County Police Department. These documents contain information that has been submitted by a law enforcement agency for investigation or as a precursor to a search. It is basically a compilation of criminal offenses committed by a person and all associated court documents pertaining to the case. They also include other information such as location of commission and when the commission was committed, the charges, and other pertinent information. Warrant records provide the police with important information that enables them to either bust a criminal or stop an individual on parole, or at the very least, prevent a crime from happening.

Warrant Records in Sussex County Delaware

Warrant records are divided into two different categories. There are public records and private records. Public records are those that have been filed with the court systems of counties, towns and cities throughout the United States. The major benefit of obtaining this type of record is that the person in question has been declared guilty by a judge and is therefore a registered sex offender.

When a warrant is issued, a copy of it is provided to the person in question. If they refuse to co-operate with law enforcement, then they may be arrested and taken away in handcuffs. If they are cooperative and show up in court, they are given the opportunity to redeem themselves by appearing before a judge. If a judge approves their release, they are free to go. If not, then they are required to stand trial.

A warrant will remain on a person’s public record until it is revoked or cancelled. Once cancelled, a warrant is said to be “withheld.” The reason for a withheld warrant is not always known and could be for any number of reasons. However, one of the most common reasons why warrants are kept sealed is because the person in question has been convicted of a crime, or is involved in a lawsuit in which the prosecution is attempting to use evidence against them.

A warrant can only be placed on a person if they are suspected of a crime. To find out whether a person’s warrant is active or not, you can either call the police department or the county courthouse. Either way, you will need to give the information requested; usually this consists of a name and birth date. If you wish to view all of a person’s public records, you can visit one of the government’s national records sites. This will allow you to see whether or not a person has a criminal record.

If you need to see a person’s public record for whatever reason, it is highly recommended that you seek out professional legal assistance. A professional warrant search company will be able to provide you with all the information that you need to know. They will not only be able to tell you whether or not a person has a warrant, but they will also be able to tell you what type of warrant was issued for that person. The type of warrant that a warrant is for will usually be either a civil or criminal offense. If the person you want to look up has been convicted of anything, this will be listed on their record.