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Jail Records – How to Do a Criminal Records Search

In Eagle County Colorado, as with the rest of the state, a person’s criminal history is considered public record. These include arrests, convictions, time served in jail, and any other information related to criminal activity that is deemed relevant by the court. This information can be obtained from the jail records office in the county. This office may also be found on the courthouse building or at any local library that maintains public records. However, there is an obvious problem with this information. If a person has been convicted of a crime, then his or her criminal past may be open to the public, but it can also be quite difficult to find information about prior arrests or convictions.

The system that keeps track of these records was created in 1966 by a man named Richard Combs. Originally a police officer, he decided that he wanted to keep track of the records for every criminal in the area that he was working. He did not, however, want anyone else to know that he was doing this. In fact, he went so far as to have a lock placed on the files at the jail in case they should know how to get inside. He also had a locksmith create a key that only he and officers in his department would be able to use.

Although most people assume that a criminal record is something that can be accessed simply by going to the courthouse, that is not the case. Each county keeps its own records, and they are kept in individual folders that are stored in various locations. If you are looking up a person’s criminal records, you will not be able to find them simply by searching in your local court houses. This is because every courthouse is responsible for maintaining all the files that are associated with a specific party. When these files are placed in a central database, it makes finding the information much easier.

While many free sites allow access to some limited information about jail records, they often times are inaccurate. They are mostly incomplete, and contain only bits of information. It is best to go with a paid site that will give you accurate data, but one that is also comprehensive. For instance, if you are looking up someone’s criminal records and they have lived in multiple states, you want to make sure that you are also getting an overall search across all state courts. Even if they only lived in one, you still want to make sure that their sentence was carried out as well as the events that contributed to it.

The other thing you want to consider when doing a jail records search online is whether or not you need to know more than just the name of the person you are checking out. Some searches allow you to gain access to their social security number, court documents, and more. These types of details are extremely important if you plan to do business or use any type of financial institution with them. Additionally, it will be easier for you to do business with someone who has been properly taken care of while in jail, especially if you have a legitimate reason for needing to do so.

Jail records are incredibly important to be aware of when you need to perform your own investigation. They will save you time and money, and even give you peace of mind. If you are looking for jail records on a specific individual, make sure you get everything you need by using a paid service. Otherwise, it could waste hours of your valuable time, and cost you hundreds of dollars.