Covington County Alabama Court Records

Court Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(122)Covington County Courts
Covington County District Court1 Court SquareAndalusiaAL36420334-428-2570
Covington County Courts
Andalusia Courthouse102 Opp AvenueAndalusiaAL36420334-222-3311
Florala Municipal Court22654 Wall AvenueFloralaAL36442334-858-2791
Gantt Courthouse28826 Commerce StreetGanttAL36038334-388-4786
Lockhart Courthouse1548 Chippeway StreetFloralaAL36442334-858-6744
Opp Courthouse101 North Main StreetOppAL36467334-493-4572
Red Level Courthouse29098 Smiley StreetRed LevelAL36474334-469-5351
River Falls Courthouse24681 Firehouse RoadRed LevelAL36474334-222-3510
Covington County District Attorney Office
Covington County District Attorney100 Court SquareAndalusiaAL36420334-222-2513
Covington County DMVs
Covington County Tag & Title Office1 Court SquareAndalusiaAL36420334-428-2510
Andalusia Driver's License Office1 Court SquareAndalusiaAL36420334-428-2595
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What Are Court Records?

The main reason why people want to access Court Records in Covington County, Alabama is to verify the date of birth of a relative. There are many reasons why people conduct this research, the most common one is to ensure the accuracy of their family tree. They can do this by checking the family tree and doing a background check on people they intend to marry. Another common reason is to search for the same records for historical documentation. If you are interested in genealogy records, these can also be found in Court Records. In fact, Court Records have been used by many researchers to prove the relationships between ancestors and their descendants, by performing searches on family trees or by performing public searches through court houses across the state.

Court Records in Covington County Alabama have now become available online. This has opened up a whole new world of information and allowed people to find out valuable information that they did not previously have access too. People can now go through the courthouses’ online databases and obtain information on marriages, divorces, adoption, jail records, sex offender records, birth and death records. Some of the records are free while others require some kind of payment.

However, it is important to remember that one must not rely solely on online information. Court Records in Covington County can still be accessed in person by visiting the courthouses. This information can also help in networking and building relations with other relatives or friends who are not from Covington. Visiting the courthouses is an excellent way to obtain information about marriage and divorce records of your ancestors. It can also provide information about birth and death records for a particular person.

Court Records in Covington County are maintained manually at the county office. These records are also available electronically but are usually only available at certain times. Information that is available online is regularly updated and investigated so that it remains relevant and up to date.

The accuracy of online information depends upon the reliability of the source. So if you want to check someone’s record and make sure that it is correct then it is important that you check the source yourself. You should make sure that the person whom you want to look up has actually got a criminal conviction and that the information that you obtain is correct. However, information can also be found for free, in most cases this information can be found on the County website.

The records of marriages in Covington are public and available to anyone who obtains these records. There are many online sites which offer marriage records and the details can be obtained for a fee. To find out the complete information, it is advisable that you contact the County directly so that you obtain all the details required for the records. Court records are a part of public record and therefore they are accessible to the general public.