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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1357)Nottoway County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Nottoway County Sheriffs Office266 West Courthouse RoadCreweVA23930434-645-9044
Nottoway County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Blackstone Police Department101 West Elm StreetBlackstoneVA23824434-292-3322
Burkeville Police Department114 Agnew StreetBurkevilleVA23922434-767-2511
Crewe Police Department125 East Carolina AvenueCreweVA23930434-645-7472
Fort Pickett Police DepartmentMilitary Road, Building 471BlackstoneVA23824434-292-8444
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Searching For People’s Warrant Records Online

Warrant records are basically court documents that are used for the purpose of searching for people who have been arrested and put in jail, or for any other legal purpose. In some jurisdictions, there is also a national warrant database, where you can search for people who have been arrested and put into jail. These records are sometimes referred to as ‘permits’, but technically they are not ‘warrants’ per se. Permits are records of permission which have been issued by the government. Permits are different than warrants in that they are granted by judges based on the merits of the case rather than on proof of guilt.

Warrant records are one of the main public records in the country. There are many government agencies and several independent organizations that maintain these records on the Internet. You will be able to access these records from any computer with an Internet connection, and at any time, day or night – as long as the person you’re searching for has not destroyed their warrant or had it nullified.

There are two primary reasons why someone might want to look up a warrant. One is to run a check on someone who they think might be engaging in criminal activity. If a person’s warrant is out for their arrest, it would be possible to find out exactly when, where and what they were doing when the warrant was executed. This information could help prevent the commission of crimes by a certain person, or even help authorities trace down an escapee from police custody.

Another reason for looking up a warrant online is to protect your own rights. If you have been arrested and your rights have been violated, you may need to seek damages through a civil lawsuit. If you have been injured by another party’s failure to obey a warrant, and have filed a civil suit against them, your record will be sealed from public view unless you allow it to be searched. Doing this online can give you the information you need, without having to hire expensive lawyers.

Warrant records are different than criminal records in many ways. While criminal charges are filed with the court system, warrants are stored in the office that issued the warrants. Therefore, someone who is wanted on suspicion of child molestation, for example, can easily obtain a search through the offices for the circuit courthouse in the county in which he lives. Searching these records online will give you the same information that is available to law enforcement officials, except in a more private way. It is important to realize that people are not typically disclosed information about their own criminal activity; therefore, having this information before you hire a service can keep you safe.

There are many reasons to access a person’s warrant records. If you think someone has been arrested for any reason whatsoever, you can perform an Internet search to see if there is any record of the arrest. Additionally, you may need to hire a professional to remodel or build a home, and you should certainly check to see that the person you want to hire has no record of any such work. In addition, you can perform an online background check to see if there is any other information about the potential employee that would make him or her unsuitable for the job. Performing a warrant records search online is a smart way to keep yourself and your family safe.