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(944)Amherst County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Amherst County Sheriffs Office115 Taylor StreetAmherstVA24521434-946-9381
Amherst County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Amherst Police Department186 South Main StreetAmherstVA24521434-946-7885
Central Virginia Training Center Police Department521 Colony RoadMadison HeightsVA24572434-947-6136
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Warrant Records Are Available to the Public

Warrant Records, otherwise known as court documents, are one of the most important and frequently used documents in the United States. This is because every time a person is arrested or convicted of any crime in Amherst County, Virginia, the warrant is logged into the county’s Vital Records database. In cases where a person does not have any criminal convictions, but is wanted on outstanding warrants, there may be an option to apply for a Search warrant. This can often times be done online.

To obtain a search warrant all that is needed is the name of the person that is wanted, any aliases the person uses, their address or contact information and their case number. If this information is available then it can be very easy to find the person. If not, then a visit to the local police department will usually help. However, if that avenue does not work, then contacting the station that issued the warrant will likely result in the person’s arrest.

In some instances, the warrant may not be issued until the person has been arrested and taken to the station. When this happens, then it becomes imperative that the person has their warrant processed before they are released. Warrant searches can be very easy or very difficult. They depend on how the information was obtained. If it was obtained by accident or someone’s mistake then the warrant will normally be dismissed.

Some warrants can be related to outstanding traffic tickets that a person may have received. There are even warrants out for warrant of arrests that have been expired. These warrants would have to be canceled prior to the person being released from jail. It is also possible for a warrant to be issued for something that a person did not do. For example, if a person did not appear at their court date, then a warrant is issued for not appearing.

Warrant records are available to the public. Depending on the jurisdiction, these records are made available online. If you are going to look up warrant records, then there are many websites online that can help you with this search.

The best way to avoid a situation where a person may have to deal with a warrant is to make sure that they have a valid reason for being in jail. People that do time for crimes such as assault, murder, sex crimes, and many other types of criminal acts may have a warrant out for their arrest. If the person does not show up at their court date then there may be an arrest warrant issued. If the person fails to show up for their court date, then the warrant may be granted.