Matagorda County Texas Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1875)Matagorda County Police Departments
Matagorda County Jail2323 Avenue EastBayTX77414979-245-5526
Matagorda County Police Departments
Bay City Independent School District Police Department400 7th StreetBayTX77414979-241-6093
Bay City Police Department2201 Avenue HBayTX77414979-245-8500
Palacios Independent School District Police Department1209 12th StreetPalaciosTX77465361-972-2517
Palacios Police Department405 Commerce StreetPalaciosTX77465361-972-3112
Texas Department Of Public Safety - Highway Patrol Region 2 District C Sergeant 0 Area 5510 Avenue FBayTX77414979-245-9200
Texas Department Of Public Safety Texas Rangers Company A - Bay City510 Avenue FBayTX77414979-245-9381
Tidehaven Independent School District Police Department148 Farm To Market 1095ElmatonTX77440361-588-6321
Matagorda County Sheriff Departments
Matagorda County Sheriff's Office2323 Avenue EastBayTX77414979-245-5526
Matagorda County Sheriffs Office2308 Avenue FBayTX77414979-245-5526
Matagorda County Probation Department
Matagorda County Probation Department2004 Kilowatt DriveBayTX77414979-244-5820
Matagorda County Criminal Records & Warrants Databases
Bay City Municipal Court Records
City of Palacios Court Records
Matagorda County Child Support Warrants
Matagorda County Pistol Permits & Gun Licenses
Matagorda County Sex Offender Registry
Matagorda County Sheriff Website

How to Search For Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Matagorda County, Texas are public information, but they’re not easy to find. If you’re wanting to search for the public arrest records of a person, you’ll have to go to the Matagorda county courthouse and fill out an application. The courthouse will then send you a copy of the application and a letter that says that your application has been accepted. To get an arrest warrant, there has to be some basis that the person is doing something wrong, like they’re being investigated for DWI or another crime. The warrants are automatically granted in Matagorda County when there’s a probable cause that the person is going to be arrested for a specified crime.

In order to find out if you have a warrant, you must first know the person’s name and address. Then, look up their warrant records online. You can do this by typing their full name into any search engine. For example, if the person’s name is Juan Doe, you can search for “juan Doe” in Google. This should give you results that have the person’s criminal history listed on the warrant.

Sometimes a warrant may be issued in a completely different county than where the person lives. Usually, it won’t say the person is being held in jail at this local courthouse, just that they are in legal trouble. If you’re not sure, contact the local law enforcement agencies in the area. There’s usually a clerk that can tell you if the person has a warrant. But, if you’re simply searching for the criminal history, this isn’t necessary. You can usually find out this information for free.

Once you find out the person’s history, you can run a criminal record search. You can try entering their name into any major search engine to see if you get any hits. This isn’t always guaranteed to give you accurate information; though, most search engines do this fairly quickly. So if you want a quick way to find out if there’s a warrant out for your own person’s arrest, this is your best bet.

Now, I want to bring up an issue regarding warrant searches in the online world. The information available to you is usually outdated. I’m talking about background checks, criminal records and arrest warrants. The warrants aren’t always current, and neither are the background reports. You have to search through many of these sites to get the latest information.

In conclusion, there are ways to do an immediate criminal check on anyone. You can use an online public records search, like the one I’ve linked above. This is the fastest and easiest method. However, since this information is public, it is not free. The price you pay for the records are very small in comparison to what you would spend on a private detective. So in short, if you’re looking for a person’s warrant information, an online public records search might be your best option.