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(1848)Lee County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Lee County Sheriff's Office424 South Main StreetGiddingsTX78942979-542-2800
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Lee County Sheriffs Office2122 FM 448 RoadGiddingsTX78942979-542-2800
Giddings Police Department179 East Industry StreetGiddingsTX78942979-542-4750
Lexington Independent School District School Resource Officer222 Fifth StreetLexingtonTX78947979-773-2254
Lexington Police Department650 Main StreetLexingtonTX78947979-773-4844
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What are warrant records? How can we access them? How many can you find out about? In this article we will discuss warrant searches in Lee County, Texas. Specifically we’ll discuss warrants for arrests, searches of your arrest record, and the “chain of custody” and “accused” search components of the search.

A warrant is a court order allowing a law enforcement officer to arrest a person on suspicion of committing or being involved in a crime. Arrest warrants are issued based on probable cause that a person has committed an offense. There are many different types of warrants including arrests for drunk driving, forgery, assault, possession of drugs or trafficking illegal substances. Some warrants are also placed based on the person’s immigration status.

Warrant records are public information. If the police arrest a person, they typically place an arrest warrant with the courts. The warrant gives the police the authority to search and arrest the person without any warrant. This allows them to find and return the person to the jurisdiction once the warrant is lifted.

There are many different reasons why someone may want to search for a person’s arrest warrant. Most commonly, the police want to identify the person who owns the property they are looking to take down, such as in the case of repossession. A warrant can be lifted if the person doesn’t show up to court as required. Another common reason is to find missing persons. Sometimes a person may run away from the jurisdiction, and while authorities are searching for them, they may find the missing person’s warrant.

To perform a warrant record search, you must have a name and the state the warrant is filed in. You can access the records by going to the courthouse where the criminal activity took place. In Lee County, Texas, there is a Central Records Service that is responsible for maintaining all public records. You can go to this website to access warrants and other information about crimes and criminal activity in the area. You will need to have the person’s name in order to gain access to the warrant records.

You may be wondering how these searches help with finding a person’s criminal activity. In some cases, the criminal record of a person may not show up if that person has lived in another state or jurisdiction. In other cases, a person may not have any criminal record at all. This is especially true if the person has lived in another state and not committed a crime in that state. The records can also help you find out if a person has had a prior criminal record, which is very important if you are concerned about a new employee or rental property.