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Spur Police Department402 Burlington AvenueSpurTX79370806-271-4582
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Criminal Records Search – Warrant Searches Performed on Individuals

Warrant Records in Dickens County Texas are available for public scrutiny by any person having the legal right to do so. These records can be obtained from the Texas State Highway Department or the Office of the Secretary of State through an online request. The State of Texas holds the constitutional power to supervise all criminal activity within its sovereign borders. Warrant records contain the personal particulars of people who have been convicted of crimes either minor or major. Records like these are kept in two locations: the district office and the state office.

The Texas State Highway Administration operates highways, toll roads, bridges and other structures within the state. When there is a traffic accident or a traffic violation, it will be registered as a traffic citation with the Texas Department of Transportation. This citation will then be registered in the offender’s file. If the offender then fails to appear at the scheduled court date, his crime will be entered in the Tarragona County Jail’s database. When an offender is unable or fails to appear in court, his record will then be published in the Tarragona County felony registry.

There are times when a warrant is not issued against an individual but the State of Texas has still arrested him on suspicion that he might commit some type of criminal activity while he was in another state. Warrant records are kept where the warrant was issued. If the person did not yield to the police and failed to appear at his court date, his name will then be entered into the Tarragona County’s database. If the name is matched with the criminal arrest warrant, one will then be notified by phone and/or sent a letter informing the individual that his rights had been violated.

Warrant records may contain the complete history of a person’s criminal activity. It can tell if a person has ever been arrested, tried and convicted of any crime. It can also show when the person has been convicted, why the conviction occurred, and on what charges. Warrant searches will reveal to the potential suspect whether or not they are legally allowed to carry a firearm in their state and if they have a past record of domestic violence.

A person can challenge a search by filing a motion to suppress. This motion is very similar to a motion to dismiss. The motion to suppress is presented to the court requesting that the warrant be thrown out stating that the information contained in the criminal arrest warrant was obtained through unreasonable searches and seizures. The argument usually states that the government has a “chill” or “unreasonable purpose” when it conducts an investigation warranting the person. The courts have held that once a person is lawfully arrested for a criminal activity, their constitutional rights are respected.

People who are suspicious that they are being targeted for some type of action against them can research the Tarragona County public arrest records database to determine if there are any warrants out for their arrest. This service can be obtained at no cost, but private investigators usually charge a fee for their services. The records can often be searched through several different county offices around the community. If you are a person that is under investigation for a criminal activity, this is a great way to find out if you are being targeted. The peace of mind is worth paying a small fee to avoid harsh jail time.