Fort Bend County Texas Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1542)Fort Bend County Police Departments
Fort Bend Independent School District Police Department13600 Murphy RoadStaffordTX77477281-634-5500
Fort Bend County Police Departments
Arcola Police Department13222 Highway 6RosharonTX77583281-431-5205
Fulshear Police Department30603 Farm to Market 1093FulshearTX77441281-346-1717
Meadows Place Police Department1 Troyan DriveStaffordTX77477281-983-2900
Missouri City Police Department / Missouri City Jail3849 Cartwright RoadMissouriTX77459281-403-8701
Needville Independent School District Police Department16319 Texas 36NeedvilleTX77461979-793-4158
Needville Police Department3321 Richmond StreetNeedvilleTX77461979-793-4255
Richmond Police Department600 Preston StreetRichmondTX77469281-342-2849
Rosenberg Police Department / Rosenberg City Jail2120 4th StreetRosenbergTX77471832-595-3700
Stafford Police Department2702 South Main StreetStaffordTX77477281-261-3950
Sugar Land Fire Marshal10405 Corporate DriveSugar LandTX77478281-491-0852
Sugar Land Police Department / Sugar Land Jail1200 Highway 6Sugar LandTX77478281-275-2500
Texas Department Of Public Safety - Highway Patrol Region 2 District C Sergeant 0 Area 65505 Avenue NRosenbergTX77471281-633-5400
Thompsons Police Department520 Thompson Oil Field RoadRichmondTX77469281-343-9929
Fort Bend County Sheriff Departments
Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office1410 Ayala CourtRichmondTX77469281-341-4617
Fort Bend County Sheriffs Office / Fort Bend County Jail1410 Ransom RoadRichmondTX77469281-341-4704
Fort Bend County Probation Department
Fort Bend County Probation Department122 Golfview DriveRichmondTX77469281-633-7400
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Warrant Records Are a Must Have for the Modern Criminal Justice System

What are Warrant Records? Warrant Records are documents that outline any and all searches that the Texas State Capitol has conducted. Warrant Records are also referred to as court dockets, police dockets or criminal files. All warrant applications, charges, judgments, arrests, convictions and sentences are listed here. These documents can be used for any purpose that is relevant to the proceedings of the Texas State Capitol.

If you are a person that wants to conduct a warrant search then you will need to apply for a Search Warrant. To do this, you must: Be an adult, A resident of Texas, Have a reasonable suspicion that a crime was committed or about to be committed Be a United States Citizen and have a valid reason for the search Be a person in lawful possession of the premises that you are investigating (i.e. a car or boat) When submitting these facts to the Texas State Trooper, they will conduct an electronic fingerprint lookup to match your name with your warrant information. The results from the lookup will reveal if your name is available and if so what your charges are. If you are arrested, they will make you present your warrant or provide you with an arrested warrant if they do not have one.

Warrant Records in Fort Bend County Texas are kept by the Texas Department of Public Safety. This department maintains the statewide records for all felony and lesser charge arrests and convictions on all persons convicted of crime within the state of Texas. If a criminal record search is conducted on you the department will use a national database to find out if it is registered to a criminal record. If it is then the department will inform the Texas State Troopers assigned to the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office and they will be able to identify the person through the database.

If a person does not have a criminal record but you believe that they might have one there are other methods that can be used to identify them. The Texas Department of Public Safety will only release warrants that have been filed in the courts and were processed through their court system. A warrant will state that there is probable cause that the person listed on the warrant committed a crime that was committed in the jurisdiction of the courthouse in which the warrant was filed.

The use of a website to perform a reverse search will provide results similar to that of a regular county court records search. When a person’s name is entered into the website’s search box, a list of names containing the person’s address and warrant information will be displayed. The results of the search will contain the person’s name, address, warrant information and the offense for which they were arrested. If the person was arrested because the warrant was valid, but the person was not present when the warrant was granted, the record will say that the person was arrested “preliminary” and the warrant was nullified. If the person was present at the arrest was made because of the grand jury, the record will say that the grand jury proceedings were ” Preliminary” and the person did not face arrest.

There is an exemption to having criminal records available online; for example, when you search for “warrant records” through one of the websites that allow you to access criminal records on people. If the person you want to look up has lived in another county or state for six months or less than six months, the person does not have to be current on their own criminal history record. This exemption is very important if the person in question has only had traffic violations on their driving record and is looking for a job. If the person has a felony conviction on their record and is looking to work in a sensitive position, it is crucial that the person disclose this prior to being offered a position with a company such as the military, law enforcement or private detective agency.