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(1028)Archer County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Archer City Police Department204 East Walnut StreetArcherTX76351940-574-2499
Archer County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Archer County Sheriffs Office / Archer County Jail100 Law Enforcement WayArcherTX76351940-574-2571
Holliday Police Department110 West Olive StreetHollidayTX76366940-586-1566
Archer County Criminal Records & Warrants Databases
Archer County Child Support Warrants
Archer County Pistol Permits & Gun Licenses
Archer County Sex Offender Registry
Archer County Sheriff Website

Searching For Criminal History Records

Warrant Records are basically court orders that specify the crime for which an individual has been arrested. The arrest warrant is carried by the law enforcement authorities and is used to enable them to execute a search on any person who they believe may be involved in the commission of a criminal offense. In Archer County, Texas warrant records are one of the major public records that people can access. The details contained within such warrants give insight as to what exactly happened during the commission of a particular criminal offense. Besides that, it also enables the police to track down criminals and fugitives. In some cases, the police conduct sting operations so as to apprehend criminals.

In Texas, there are different types of warrants that determine the degree of jurisdiction that they have over their respective subjects. For example, there are county warrants that are valid only within the county but they may issue warrants for people who committed criminal offenses beyond the county’s jurisdiction. A federal search will not produce results depending on the type of warrant issued. A search conducted on someone whether he/she has been arrested or not should be performed using the proper resources.

Generally, the Texas Vital Records Registry is the main repository of all warrants that have been granted in the state of Texas. In Texas, anyone can obtain information about criminal records if he/she is searching for them. Searching for these records is often done either through the offices of the criminal justice system or the office of the Texas Sate Attorney General. In this case, results will be provided faster and more comprehensive. However, you must still make sure that you contact the correct Texas Vital Records Registry to conduct your lookup.

Warrant records in Texas are normally collected, processed and maintained by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). However, warrant applications may be approved in other states outside of Texas. This means that if you are outside the state, you may still access a person’s criminal records through local or regional criminal justice offices. Permit number and description of the request will vary from office to office. It is important to follow the procedure of obtaining these records according to the rules and procedures laid down by the DSHS.

Warrant records contain information regarding the arrest of an individual on suspicion of a crime. This includes his identity (first and last names), arrest citation number, offense, date and location of arrest, statutory aggravation or punishment, reason for arrest and signature of authority responsible for the arrest. Information contained in these warrant records are generally admissible in a legal proceeding as long as the individual is not in violation of any state law. If there are grounds for reasonable suspicion, the judge issuing the warrant may issue the warrant either temporarily or permanently.

For carrying out a search on someone’s warrant records, you will need a federal government agency such as the FBI or a state government agency such as the sheriff’s department. You will also need the person’s name or some other identifying information. It is possible to get search results instantly through online services. You will have to pay a fee for performing a search using these online services, but it is an affordable way of investigating someone.