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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1853)Live Oak County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Live Oak County Sheriff's Office300 Bowie StreetGeorge WestTX78022361-449-2271
Live Oak County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Live Oak County Sheriffs Office / Live Oak County Jail200 Larry R Busby DriveGeorge WestTX78022361-449-2271
George West Police Department404 Nueces StreetGeorge WestTX78022361-449-3800
Texas Department Of Public Safety - Highway Patrol Region 3 District A Sergeant 0 Area 8300 Bowie StreetGeorge WestTX78022361-449-2271
Three Rivers Police Department110 Gallaher StreetThree RiversTX78071361-786-2743
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Warrant Records Search – Information That You May Use

If you are looking for Texas public records such as warrants, arrests, and judgments you will most likely have to locate them through the Office of the Secretary of State. In Live Oak County there is a central statewide records repository which can be accessed by any resident of Texas who wishes to search for these types of information. If you know the name of the person who has the warrant or judgment you are searching for then you can check with the courts office to see if there is an online site which can offer that information for free. However there are several reasons why you may want to access these records online and that will be discussed in this article.

First, if you are the person who is searched for or served with a warrant for a crime then you will need to go to the courts office and personally request the record of the person. You will have to fill out an Application for Search of Birth Records. In many cases the person’s record will not be available because it was not filed in the proper court. In this case you will need to file for an order from the courts to obtain the warrant.

Another reason you may want to look up a person’s records is if you have had any contact with this person in the past. You may have met this person at a party and they may have a record. This can be used to check whether you can trust this person or not. If you get the person’s actual warrant then you will be able to obtain it from the courts office for a fee.

One other reason to check a person’s warrant is if you have a judgment against them. You can either obtain the warrant yourself through the courts office or try a search engine. The first method usually takes longer but you will most likely be able to find the actual warrant. Once you have the information you will have the option to either renew the warrant or throw it out if it is found to be false or fake. If you do not have the judgment then you can just drop it.

Sometimes people are put in jail for something they did not do. To find out if the person you are jailing is actually on trial you can search their records. There is a procedure that you must follow when searching for this information. It is pretty much like obtaining a criminal background check.

Per state laws, there are different laws that deal with warrants. Generally when someone has a warrant for their arrest they are taken into custody and can only be released after they have fulfilled their sentences. However some states allow someone with a warrant to be released if they show proof of proving themselves innocent. If you want to learn more about warrants or have a judgment issued against a person you can still search for it through the courts.