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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1664)White County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
White County Justice Center111 Depot StreetSpartaTN38583931-836-3621
White County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
White County Probation Department313 Simmerell StreetSpartaTN38583931-836-8152
White County Sheriff's Office111 Depot StreetSpartaTN38583931-836-3607
Sparta Police Department323 Bockman WaySpartaTN38583931-836-3734
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Searching For Warrant Records in White County

Warrant Records in White County, Tennessee are considered public record and anyone is allowed to obtain this information. You will have to contact the designated county clerk of any county that has these records in their possession. If you know where they are then you may be able to look them up on the internet. Otherwise, you can just call their office to ask for information about a particular person. In the case of an arrest, a warrant may be issued for your arrest and you may be arrested without knowing it.

In some instances a warrant may be issued by a judge when there is no probable cause to believe that a person is doing an illegal act. If there is suspicion that a person may be doing something, but there is not enough evidence to do it then a warrant will be issued for their arrest. These warrants are public record and anyone can search for them, however, if they are active warrants then you may not be able to search.

Warrant Records in White County, Tennessee can help a person find out whether or not they have been arrested for a crime. In cases where a person’s bail bond has been revoked, this will be entered into the person’s record. There may be other reasons that a warrant may be issued for a person. In many cases, these warrants are not detected until a criminal has already served his/her time in jail.

A warrant can be “bought” from the local courthouse if a person has sufficient proof that they require it. When the warrant is issued, it will state the crime that was committed as well as the person who committed it. The person may be required to give their name, address, and date of birth if they request the warrant. Warranties can be revoked if a person doesn’t follow their court order to provide the correct information.

Warrant Records in White County, Tennessee will allow a person to search for the criminal record of a person. This can be done by looking through the courts records. To do this, one must know how to look up a person’s records. These records can be located online or by contacting the county office where the person lived at one time. If the person has moved since the offense was taken, they may have moved again and may no longer have access to their arrest record. This is why it is important to check with the county office before conducting a search.

The information from the warrant can be used for many different things. Searches can be conducted by law enforcement agencies for the protection of society. If you wanted to hire a nanny, employer, or any type of professional to help you with your needs, you would want to make sure that they are not dangerous and have a clean record. Performing a background check on them is one way of doing this.