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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1052)Dickson County Police Departments
City Of Dickson Park Ranger Division600 East Walnut StreetDicksonTN37055615-446-1721
Dickson County Police Departments
Dickson County Jail150 Doyles Hill DrCharlotteTN37036615-789-4109
Dickson Police Department202 South Main StreetDicksonTN37055615-446-5403
Burns City Police Department2715 Church StreetBurnsTN37029615-446-3635
Montgomery Bell State Park - Ranger Station1020 Jackson Hill RoadBurnsTN37029615-797-9052
White Bluff Police Department1020 Taylortown RoadWhite BluffTN37187615-797-3131
White Bluff Police Department52 Graham StreetWhite BluffTN37187615-797-3131
Dickson County Sheriff Departments
Dickson County Sheriff's Office140 County Jail RdCharlotteTN37036615-789-4130
Dickson County Sheriffs DepartmentCounty Jail DriveCharlotteTN37036615-789-4130
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How to Search For Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Dickson County Tennessee are maintained by the Davidson County Records Department. It is a major public record repository containing all warrants for arrests, searches, seizures and other warrants that have been granted either by a judge or by the court. Warrant Records are more organized now with much more information added regularly to its database. Warrant Records in Dickson County can be searched by any member of the public who has a valid reason to do so. Warrant Records in Dickson County are confidential and kept strictly under lock and key.

Warrants are issued by judges and therefore they are kept in the custody of the courts. The warrants that are recorded in the Record House of Davidson County are authentic and serve as legal documents. Warrant Records contain a person’s name, current and previous addresses, social security number, birth date, present address, employment history and any other infractions that may be known. These records have been compiled into data base which are then used for different purposes such as law enforcement, security, private investigation and background checks among others.

In cases where a person fails to appear on his court date or when he commits some serious crimes such as theft and murder, his warrant may be canceled or it may remain active until it is canceled by the court. Warrant records also contain information on minor crimes that were committed by a person who did not commit any crime. This data is used by the probation or parole department to ensure that the person they are sending on parole does not commit anymore crimes. Warrant Records in Dickson County help to keep track of persons accused of various crimes and are used by the police and the FBI to ensure compliance by the people they are sending into their custody. Warrant records are a part of the public domain and anyone can access them.

When you want to perform a search on a warrant, you will first need to know exactly what a warrant is. A warrant is an official document from the court that authorizes a peace officer or other government official to detain a person on suspicion that the person has committed a certain crime. The document will specify the crime for which the person is accused and what conduct is required to show that the suspect is guilty of the crime. Once the document is signed, it will serve as proof that there is probable cause to believe that the person is violating the law and should be arrested.

Warrant records are not only available in the county where the warrant was issued, but in many states across the country as well. Warrant searches can be performed online and sometimes they even come free of charge. You will have to provide the name and address of the person that you are investigating. You will also have to provide a method of payment, but there are many websites that allow you to do a free search. In order to find the person’s warrant record, you will have to pay a small fee.

Warrant records are used in a variety of legal situations. They are sometimes used to prevent the repetition of criminal activities and to ensure the safety of those that are suspects in pending cases. It is even sometimes used to aid in the apprehension of fugitives from justice, which is why you will sometimes see warrant requests on TV. These records help to keep you and your family safe from danger. If you are interested in searching an individual’s warrant record, you will probably find that you can perform this search online in just a few moments.