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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1301)Madison County Police Departments
Jackson Madison County Airport Authority308 Grady Montgomery DriveJacksonTN38301731-423-0995
Madison County Police Departments
J Alexander Leech Criminal Justice Complex515 South Liberty StreetJacksonTN38301731-988-3056
Jackson Police Department234 Institute StreetJacksonTN38301731-425-8400
Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Park - Ranger Station460 Ozier RoadPinsonTN38366731-988-5614
Tennessee Highway Patrol District 8 Headquarters - Jackson20 Vann DriveJacksonTN38305731-423-6635
Madison County Sheriff Department
Madison County Sheriffs Department546 East College StreetJacksonTN38301731-423-6000
Madison County FBI Office
Jackson Tennessee FBI Office250 North ParkwayJacksonTN38305731-668-9578
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Where To Look For Warrant Records In Madison County Tennessee

In the United States, warrants are court orders that allow law enforcement officials to perform extra investigative functions and gather evidence for a court case. If you have been arrested for a crime, the investigating officer will request warrants out of the clerk of court in your county. The clerk will then give the official authorization to search and arrest you based on the warrant. A warrant may be based on several reasons: missing money, not appearing in court, committing a crime, and several other reasons.

Warrant records can include criminal records, arrest warrants, outstanding arrest warrants, restraining orders, and more. If you are being searched for a criminal record, the results from your search may show that you have been arrested for a crime. You may have additional information such as the crime, the location of the crime, the defendant, and more. This criminal information is used in the county courthouse and for other legal purposes.

Warrant records are not public information just like driving and birth records are. These records are kept confidential and only available to law officials for investigative purposes. To get information on a warrant, you can go to the Davidson County Public Records Office in Nashville or look through the Davidson County Records online. You can also do a general search by using “warrant records” in Google or any other search engine. A few states allow anyone to access their records online but there is usually a fee.

If you are looking for information on an outstanding warrant, you will find that the person’s name may be listed, but the details will not appear on the public records. This means that you can only gain access to arrest warrants, criminal information, and other warrants if you pay a small fee. You can also go directly to the courthouse where the warrant was issued and ask about it. You can learn whether or not the warrant is still active and you can see the charges against the person. The clerk will also tell you if you have to go through a court proceeding to get the information.

If you want to learn more about background checks, this type of information is also available to you. Many of these websites offer information on marriage records, divorce records, birth records, etc. You can also visit the county records office and talk to someone who can help you out. In some cases you can even apply for an online background check, which can be used at various companies.

There are many different sources for warrant records in Madison County. However, you should make sure that any information that you obtain from any of these sources is reliable and accurate. As a matter of fact, you should not take any information from an online source at face value, no matter how it looks. You should always take the time to verify the information before using it.