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(1062)Buffalo County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Buffalo County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 115GannvalleySD57341605-293-3231
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Buffalo County Sheriffs Office112 Osman AvenueGann ValleySD57341605-293-3231
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How to Search For warrants In Buffalo County South Dakota

What is a warrants search? A “warrant” is defined as a legal document from a court that authorizes a law enforcement officer to arrest a person for a specified crime. Warrants are used for a variety of different purposes including finding illegal activities and evidence for arrests. People sometimes get arrested and convicted for crimes they did not commit in their presence or knowing about. In some instances, people may need to have access to these types of records to clear their names. There are legal records that outline when a person was issued a warrant, which may include a county warrant for arrest.

Who issues warrants? Warrant issuing departments usually work with law enforcement agencies. Individuals who don’t have any criminal records can also issue warrants. These may be for minor infractions such as traffic tickets. Probation and conditional discharges are other reasons an individual can be arrested with a warrant.

How are warrants found? Warrant searches can be performed through various means depending on the jurisdiction. Records can be searched online through criminal history databases or local courthouse’s records.

Why would someone want their warrant public? Public records can also be made accessible through public information act requests. When a person has a warrant, it could affect their ability to find a job, access public records, or even rent an apartment.

Can I get more information on a particular person or crime? If you are looking for more specific information, you can also conduct your own warrant search. The county’s criminal history records database holds warrant information across all criminal offenses ranging from felony charges to minor traffic citations.

Is there a fee to access public records? You will be required to pay a small processing fee to look up records. The fee is also based on how many pages you need to look up. Some services may also provide unlimited records searches for a slightly higher fee.

What are the penalties for violating the law? Your criminal offense may have severe consequences depending on the severity of your violation and your past criminal record. In some cases you may be required to serve jail time, pay large fines, attend counseling, lose your license, or have to serve time in prison.

Who keeps the records? Information about criminal records are kept by various local government agencies. They may share the records with the public through Freedom of Information Act requests. However, this information may be protected depending on your state’s privacy act. If you are looking for someone’s arrest record, you may be able to access a record for free. If you are looking for background check information, however, you may have to pay a small fee to get the information.

Where can I obtain Buffalo County warrant records? You can access public records through the court house where the offense occurred. Some counties post these records online while others require that you contact them directly. If the person you are investigating has moved since the incident, you may still be able to get the records through the local police department.