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(1226)Buffalo County Court Records Office
Gann Valley County Treasurer's Office112 Osman AvenueGann ValleySD57341605-293-3236
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Searching Court Records in Buffalo County South Dakota

Various types of court records are available in Buffalo County, South Dakota. These public records can be searched by name. In addition, they contain information about the judicial branches of the county. For instance, a magistrate’s rulings can be viewed online. The Buffalo County district court is responsible for hearing cases that require a jury trial. In other words, these public records include both criminal and civil matters.

The Buffalo County court system consists of several levels. A magistrate’s office oversees court proceedings, while the circuit court oversees court hearings on appeals. It also has a supreme court and two other lower courts. While a state’s supreme and district courts are state courts, the district courts have a local jurisdiction. The latter are the point of origin for federal cases. In addition, a judge may be appointed by the governor and is responsible for the judicial branch’s jurisdiction.

A public record of a Buffalo County court can be found online, where you can view information about child support warrants. Other records include the names and addresses of the parents. Regardless of the type of criminal case, you can search for child support warrants in Buffalo County South Dakota. A public court website provides a link for searching these records, which allows you to browse through the documents. Unlike other databases, this site also includes photos and transcripts of court proceedings.

A person can find the details they need about their family’s history by looking through the Buffalo County court records. For example, if the father has a son, he may look for his father’s records. A birth certificate could also contain the details of the child’s parents. A death record could be a mother’s divorce. In addition, a person can search for a death record.

A Buffalo County sex offender register provides a detailed view of an individual’s past and present criminal record. If an ancestor’s name is included in a deed, it can be found using the online directory of the county clerk. Aside from the birth records, the courthouse has a database for various other forms of land and property records. If the ancestor has a child who has been a victim of a crime, they can find his or her information through the legal system.

The clerk of court in a Buffalo County South Dakota can be a vital asset. Besides serving as a judge, the clerk also performs important functions in the courtroom, such as processing bond and restitutions. These records are also essential for a family’s health. The office can provide a person’s necessary documentation in the case. However, the clerks’ duties and responsibilities are not limited to these two types of court records.