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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1570)McKean County Police Departments
Bradford City Police Department18 Kennedy StreetBradfordPA16701814-368-6133
McKean County Police Departments
Bradford Township Police Department136 Hemlock StreetBradfordPA16701814-368-3564
Foster Township Police Department1185 East Main StreetBradfordPA16701814-362-4521
Kane Borough Police Department112 Bayard StreetKanePA16735814-837-6440
Mount Jewett Police Department1 Center StreetMount JewettPA16740814-778-9910
Otto-Eldred Regional Police Department3 South Bennett StreetEldredPA16731814-225-4415
Pennsylvania State Police Troop C - Kane3178 U.s. 219KanePA16735814-778-5555
Port Allegany Police Department45 Maple StreetPort AlleganyPA16743814-642-2604
Smethport Police Department201 West Main StreetSmethportPA16749814-887-5817
University Of Pittsburgh - Bradford Campus Police Department300 Campus DriveBradfordPA16701814-362-7506
McKean County Sheriff Departments
Mckean County Sheriff's Office500 West Main StreetSmethportPA16749814-887-3454
Mckean County Sheriffs Office / Mckean County Jail17013 U.s. 6SmethportPA16749814-887-3454
McKean County Probation Department
Mckean County Probation Department500 West Main StreetSmethportPA16749814-887-3305
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Overview on Getting Access to Warrant Records Database

Warrant Records in Mckean County, PA are basically comprised of two distinct types of files. The first category is for criminal warrants and the second category is for civil infractions or for traffic citations. Any person who wishes to conduct a free public record search on any type of record can make use of the county’s electronic databases. These include the records of persons accused or convicted of criminal offenses, as well as the records of individuals who have been arrested on suspicion of crimes like murder, rape, sexual abuse and various other abuses.

While the general population is aware that warrants are carried out by law enforcement agencies when people are suspected of criminal offenses, not many people are aware as to the precise way by which warrants are carried out and what is required to be filed with the court requesting the documents. At times, people are merely notified by police or judicial officials that they have been arrested. However, there are instances when notifications are sent through the mail. In any case, once arrested, a person has to understand the position in which he or she stands vis-a-vis warrants. They are basically considered an extraordinary tool in the hands of law enforcement officials so that they can find those guilty of various criminal offenses and bring them to justice.

It is important for every citizen to become aware of the fact that there is no legal weight attached to warrants. They are nothing but a list of information submitted to the court by the police or the judicial authority. Once these are approved, these are then issued to the individual and they are nothing more than personal recognizance bonds. It is therefore important that the person carrying the warrant does not misrepresent himself or herself in any way. This essentially helps in keeping the legal system well informed as well as ensuring compliance from the other party.

Although the records keep only little information about the persons behind the warrants, there is still a lot that one can learn about criminal acts from the records. If there is a person being investigated for any suspected crime then it is important to note this fact. Warrant records help law enforcement officials by giving them valuable information about criminal acts that are committed. For instance, if a person is being investigated for being involved in a drug transaction, a warrant may be issued against him. From here, the investigating officer will be able to establish whether the act was done with intent to sell drugs or if the person is only doing something that is not in accordance with the law.

It is also very important to learn more about warrants. This is because they are helpful tools used by law enforcement officials to track down those who are involved in criminal activities. If there is a warrant out for your arrest, you are basically advised against doing anything that may complicate the arrest. By knowing more about the process of obtaining a warrant, you can avoid any eventuality where you might get caught in this situation.

Accessing criminal records through warrants database is a very useful resource. It is an ideal way to keep track of people who you suspect of involvement in criminal activities. Moreover, if there is an arrest warrant out for your arrest, you can use the services of a criminal records search to find out more about the person who is under arrest. You can then proceed to do a background check to verify if the person actually has a criminal record. Remember that doing so is crucial as it helps to keep track of the illegal activities of other people.