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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Saxton Borough Police Department707 9th StreetSaxtonPA16678814-635-3523
Bedford County Sheriff Department
Bedford County Sheriffs Office200 South Juliana StreetBedfordPA15522814-623-2910
Bedford County Probation Department
Bedford County Probation Department200 South Juliana StreetBedfordPA15522814-623-4830
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Bedford County Criminal Records
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(1201)Bedford County Police Departments
Bedford Police Department244 Penn StreetBedfordPA15522814-623-8193
Bedford County Police Departments
Pennsylvania State Police - Bedford Station171 Arthur L Hershey DriveBedfordPA15522814-623-6133
Everett Borough Police Department100 Mechanic StreetEverettPA15537814-652-2312
Pennsylvania State Police - Everett Barracks1605 Ashcom RoadEverettPA15537814-652-6131

What Is a Warrant Record?

What are Warrant Records? Warrant Records are legal documents issued by a judge or Magisterial District that gives permission to a law enforcement agency to search a person’s arrest record without asking for further information. A Warrant Records Search lets you search and find out information on arrests that took place in Bedford County, PA. Warrant Records have many uses like checking for outstanding warrants on a person who has been arrested for something and you want to keep your family safe. Warrant Records are a great tool to have available when searching for information on someone else as well as if you want to check up on someone you just met or a business person you work with.

How do I Lookup a Warrant? If you have an idea that there is an outstanding warrant out for your arrest, you can check to see what is being said about it in the local paper or online at the courthouse. In some cases you may even be able to contact the arresting officers to see if they know where your warrant is. This may help to give you some clues on what your next course of action should be.

Can I Get Arrest Records of Someone Else? Yes, you can. If there is an outstanding warrant out for your arrest, you can have it served to the person that you are trying to locate. Once it is served, the person will usually come to pick it up because they are obligated by law to.

What is a “Warrant”? A ” Warrant “is a legal term meaning a lawful command issued under Article 32 of the Pennsylvania Constitution. It is used in connection with offenses such as rape, murder, arson, embezzlement, forgery, assault, disorderly conduct and several other statutes. The record that a person receives from a court of law is called a ‘warrant record’. The warrant record is one of the most important public records.”

Do Warrant Records protect me? ” Warrant records can protect you and others. If someone else obtains personal information about you–such as your name or address–the record can show that the person is wrong. For example, if you applied for credit and a check is returned to you with a notation that your information is under investigation, the record will let the lender know that investigation has been pending and that they must postpone the credit approval.

Can I Search for Criminal Records? Yes. You can search for arrest warrants online. Most states allow you to access their records free once you can produce the proper identification documents, such as a drivers license or state ID card.