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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1761)Wagoner County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Wagoner County Sheriffs Department / Wagoner County Jail307 East Cherokee StreetWagonerOK74467918-485-3124
Wagoner County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Wagoner Police Department105 South Casaver AvenueWagonerOK74467918-485-5511
Coweta Police Department212 North BroadwayCowetaOK74429918-486-2121
Okay Police Department7411 North 37th EastOkayOK74446918-687-6585
Porter Police Department617 South Main StreetRedbirdOK74458918-483-2821
Wagoner County Criminal Records & Warrants Databases
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What Are Warrant Records?

What are Warrant Records? Well a ” Warrant “in the state of Oklahoma is a court issued order that authorizes a law enforcement officer to temporarily detain and seize a person for an investigation or other activity.” A “Whiff” on the other hand is defined as “a court order or motion which authorizes a law enforcement officer to arrest and detain a person for an investigative purpose.” These are two broad terms used interchangeably, yet have dissimilar requirements when it comes to their use in the State of Oklahoma.

Warrant Records Search can be conducted by requesting an Oklahoma State Record Registry or through an Accessibility of Public Information (API) request. For example if an individual has been arrested and the Warrant is out for his arrest then he can access the Vital Records of Oklahoma including his Record of Arrest, State of Presentation and Release, as well as his County of issuance and name of offense. Similarly if an individual is serving time in jail, military, or federal custody he can also conduct an Oklahoma State Record Registry search to find out his current status and to check for pending arrests or charges. An Oklahoma Record Search can also be conducted on individuals who are applying for a driver’s license.

An Oklahoma Record Search can also be conducted on someone who has disappeared and has a warrant out for their arrest. Warrant Records in Wagoner County Oklahoma consist of: arrest records, warrant of arrest, state of issuance, county of issuance, reasons for issuance, signature of agent, and state of origin. An applicant must provide proof of identity, residence, date of birth, employer, and age. If present all other information necessary will be provided by the Records Division. In cases of refusal to comply with the Warrant Records request the person may be arrested and returned to jail.

Oklahoma State Records are confidential and are exempt from public disclosure. Any attempt to look up or publicize these records without the express permission of the person being investigated or his legal guardians is considered criminal and illegal. If an individual is under investigation for a crime then his entire record is considered as public record. Therefore, if you wish to find out if someone you know is or has been, you need to go through his background and if he has a criminal record then you can use the criminal record search.

The warrant or arrest records include the following: name of person, date and place of arrest, name of defendant, aliases names, booking photographs and all other pertinent details pertaining to the crime. The court and Prosecution records in which case the person was arrested or convicted. If you are a landlord or property owner you have the right to see records of your tenants. If you are a tenant and suspect your neighbor of letting out a drug dealer into your home or vice versa then you can conduct a background check on them. In some states if the suspicion is not verified then they can be arrested without any reason.

People have access to warrant records through different ways. In certain states you can contact the Department of Motor Vehicles and verify the person’s name and current address. If that fails then you can get in touch with the sheriff or local police office and they can help you out. They will inform you if there is a warrant out for the person’s arrest or pending arrest. However, this is not free as you would have to pay for the records. You can also perform a free search online but it is limited and not guaranteed to give you the desired results.