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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1756)Seminole County Police Departments
Seminole City Jail211 North 4th StreetSeminoleOK74868405-382-9348
Seminole County Police Departments
Seminole Police Department211 North 4th StreetSeminoleOK74868405-382-3434
Seminole Police Department900 North Harvey RoadSeminoleOK74868405-382-3434
Seminole State College Police Department2701 Boren BoulevardSeminoleOK74868405-382-9500
Konawa Police Department122 North Broadway StreetKonawaOK74849580-925-3803
Maud Police Station206 East Main StreetMaudOK74854405-374-2235
Wewoka Police Department114 West 4th StreetWewokaOK74884405-257-3366
Seminole County Sheriff Department
Seminole County Sheriffs Office / Seminole County Jail110 South Wewoka AvenueWewokaOK74884405-257-5445
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Overview of Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Seminole County Oklahoma are maintained by the courts and not by the general public. The reasons for this are that warrant searches are considered to be public information, therefore the fact that you can search for a warrant and view arrest records and criminal history on anyone who has been arrested is a matter of public record. Warrant records have been used for many years and have proven to be useful tools that can assist law enforcement agencies in doing their job. In fact, without the help of a warrant service a law enforcement agency would have no way of catching someone with a concealed weapon or committing any other crime. Anyone can have a warrant issued against them without their consent or knowledge.

Warrant records contain basic personal information such as the persons name, current address, where they live and work, date of birth, social security number, and more. All of these pieces of information are used to determine if an individual is legally in the United States and should be arrested. A warrant may be issued for any number of reasons including skipping court, not showing up for scheduled appointments, or crimes such as fraud and identity theft. Warrant searches can be conducted on people when they are driving, at home, or when they go out to attend events that they have been invited to. The majority of warrants are issued based on the person’s failure to appear as ordered. Warrant records are available for all of the hundreds of thousands of people in Seminole County and surrounding counties.

People who need to conduct a warrant search can call the Sheriff’s Office or the courts office and fill out an application requesting information about the person they are wanting to search. The Sorting Office will process the request and run the necessary background check to verify the information provided. If there are any public records information that are not included in the records, the County will have to obtain those records to make the query. Sometimes, the results will be disappointing and other times there will be additional information needed to complete the warrant search.

People who believe that they are being arrested for a crime that they did not commit may want to know if they are under arrest and what exactly is going on in the arrest. Warrant searches will help give an idea of the circumstances surrounding the arrest. This is critical because there could be further charges pending against the person. By knowing what is going on, a person will have a better understanding of whether to stand down or fight an arrest.

Warrant records are kept in many different places depending on the jurisdiction. Some warrant information is restricted and can only be viewed in certain government agencies and courthouses. Others are viewable by anyone who requests it and are available to anyone who needs them. In some jurisdictions, information about a warrant will be expunged from public records. Others will not allow access to the public records at all.

When a person conducts a warrant record search they will need to provide their name and any contact information so that they can be located and contacted if necessary. Some information that can be obtained is the person’s social security number, date of birth, aliases, and place of residency. If a person is under arrest for a warrant, they should immediately stop using that name and change it to their legal name. Doing this will ensure that police are not able to obtain more information about them. In many cases, once a warrant has been carried out, it remains active unless it is lifted through court order. There are times when a warrant may be lifted through a process called “supplemental immunity” but it is not recommended.