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(1624)Pembina County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Pembina County Law Enforcement Center308 Court House DriveCavalierND58220701-265-4122
Pembina County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Pembina County Sheriff's Office308 Court House DriveCavalierND58220701-265-4122
Cavalier Police Department308 Court House DriveCavalierND58220701-265-4122
Drayton City Police Department122 South Main StreetDraytonND58225701-265-4122
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What Are Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Pembina County North Dakota are one of the most heavily relied upon public record sources. Each and every day, hundreds of people across North Dakota, and the nation as a whole, are informed about arrests and warrants for arrests that were executed in their towns, cities, or counties. In the case of warrants, these are legal documents issued by an officer that authorizes law enforcement to arrest the individual for the commission of an act that is specified in the warrant. An outstanding warrant is a serious matter. When an individual is arrested for suspicion of wrongdoing, whether such as DWI, assault, domestic violence, theft, burglary, or any other criminal acts, they must be informed about these warrants so that they can obtain their copy of the warrant.

These warrants have to be renewed periodically, generally after six months. Per the state’s laws, anyone whose warrant has been renewed is allowed to submit an application for a new warrant. Should the new warrant be renewed, the original court issuing the warrant will provide the new copy to the person being accused, along with the new court date. This will happen, usually, within thirty days of the renewed warrant application. If not, then the warrant will be cancelled at that time.

To obtain information about a specific warrant, one can either visit the local courthouse or county arrest records office. There, one can either search the criminal history of the person in question or obtain an arrest warrant. Both methods are very easy and can be done in person or online. Many states in the US require the arrest warrant to be provided at the time of arrest. If a person fails to do this, they may end up having to obtain the warrant themselves.

For those who have access to the courts, they can obtain access to the warrant themselves. This is done by going to the court house where the warrant was originally granted. In some instances, special authorization may be needed to access the records. If not, there are many commercial services available to do this. It is important to remember that not every state has this type of access.

For those who have access to the internet, there are many websites that will allow one to obtain warrants. These websites are not free and usually a subscription is required. Once it is paid for, the records can be searched.

Of course, the warrant is just one part of the overall equation. Verbal evidence and other means of getting to the bottom of who issued the warrant are also necessary. This can be done by hiring an attorney, a private investigator, or another trusted person to obtain physical evidence against the person in question. Without this evidence, the warrant may no longer be valid. This is why it is crucial to make sure that the warrant was issued properly and will stay in effect.