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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1271)Cass County Police Departments
Fargo Police Department222 4th Street NorthFargoND58102701-235-4493
Cass County Police Departments
Fargo Police Department - South Fargo Substation3350 35th Avenue SouthFargoND58104701-461-7878
North Dakota State Highway Patrol - Southeast Region - Fargo503 38th Street SouthFargoND58103701-239-8960
West Fargo Police Department800 4th Avenue EastWest FargoND58078701-433-5500
Cass County Sheriff Department
Cass County Sheriffs Department211 9th Street SouthFargoND58103701-241-5800
Cass County FBI Office
Fargo North Dakota FBI Office657 2nd Avenue NorthFargoND58102701-232-7241
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Warrant Records in Cass County North Dakota are held by the county courts. They consist of a list of names that have been designated as having been appointed to perform a specific duties, such as, but not limited to, bailiffs, police officers, state troopers and judges. These records are kept by the courts as a part of their responsibility to the people and society. The public can make a request for information regarding any person who is on the records or to have the records of someone who they think might be wrongfully listed.

Warrant Records are one of the most important public records that are available pertaining to a person’s criminal activities. If there has been a criminal arrest made against a person, his or her record will show the crime that was committed and the action that was undertaken to bring it to justice. This will allow the public to be aware of the truth about a person’s character and if the person was involved in any crimes that were unrelated to the one that is being arrested for.

Wills are recorded in the county where the person was born. When a person is born in California, they become a California will. If the same person happens to be born in Cass County, Texas, then the will is considered a Texas will. Every will has certain conditions that are stated in it that must be satisfied in order for the process to be completed and the signature legally binding.

In order to search out the records of a person, you will need to have in front of you a valid legal purpose. In other words, you must be searching for a warrant that has been issued against a person if you are looking into a person’s background. A person does not get a warrant just because they are arrested. It only matters when the person has committed a crime.

To conduct a search, you will first need to find out if there are any outstanding warrants out for a person’s arrest. If there are, then you can search for this person online by entering the person’s name into the appropriate field. The next thing that you will do is click search, and you will be directed to the website of the jurisdiction where the person lives.

You will then be given access to the website and you can perform a search for criminal history on the individual. If there is anything that throws up any red flags about the person, then you should make a search for his or her arrest records. You can also find out if the person has ever been married and if the person has been married and divorced. If this person has been divorced multiple times, then you should also make a search for his or her divorce records as well.