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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1777)Bertie County Police Departments
Aulander Police Department124 West Main StreetAulanderNC27805252-345-3181
Bertie County Police Departments
Lewiston Woodville Police Department103 West Church StreetLewiston WoodvilleNC27849252-348-2499
North Carolina State Bureau Of Investigation108 Dundee StreetWindsorNC27983252-794-6334
Windsor Police Department128 South King StreetWindsorNC27983252-794-3111
Bertie County Sheriff Department
Bertie County Sheriffs Office104 Dundee StreetWindsorNC27983252-794-5330
Bertie County Probation Department
Bertie County Probation Department128 East Granville StreetWindsorNC27983252-794-4077
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How to Search For Criminal Records Using Your Own Computer

Warrant Records in Bertie County, North Carolina are basically a compilation of warrants that were issued in the county. In other words, all the warrants that were issued in Bertie County are put into this database. If you’re interested in conducting a background check on someone, then you will want to make sure that you have access to this public record information. It is very simple to search for one of these records online. There are quite a few websites out there that provide this information, but there are a few reasons why you should think twice before using one of them.

The first reason that you shouldn’t use one of these websites is that they are not very reliable. You have to realize that these records are not always updated. It can be months before you get the information that you’re looking for, or it may take even longer. While you might find a record that you’re interested in using, chances are good that you won’t actually find anything useful on it.

You can also use one of the major newspapers that are available in your area for carrying these criminal record checks. However, keep in mind that these records are not free. In some cases, you’ll have to pay a fee in order to access the information that you’re seeking. However, most of these papers charge a small fee and then give you the paper that you need to search for the person that you’re searching for. This is usually more reliable than any of the websites that are available online. It’s also more reliable because the newspaper has to pay the paper company for the records.

You can also try any of the online directories that offer criminal record checks. These sites usually charge a small fee in order to get you the information that you need. They usually only contain local records, though. So, if you’re trying to do a nationwide search, you’re out of luck. But if you have an unlimited budget, then you might as well just turn to any of the online directories available online.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that there is no national database of warrants. The closest thing that you can do is try to get the record of any local person for your state. You could do this either by going to the court house where the person got the warrant or from their warrant records. You’ll probably get some records, but it’ll be a very slow process. The reason why it’ll be slow is because there are usually a lot of people that have warrants out for their arrest.

The best way to go about doing this is to use an online background records search website. These websites are all over the internet. Just search around a bit and you’ll find a handful of them. They don’t all charge the same money, though, so that can play a big role in what you choose. Once you’ve done that, just click on the record that you want and it will give you all of the information that you need to know about the person in question.