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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2480)Sheridan County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Sheridan County Probation Department301 East 2nd StreetRushvilleNE69360308-327-5655
Sheridan County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Sheridan County Sheriffs Office / Sheridan County Jail303 East 2nd StreetRushvilleNE69360308-327-2161
Gordon Police Department311 North Oak StreetGordonNE69343308-282-0308
Hay Springs Police Department303 East 2nd StreetRushvilleNE69360308-327-2161
Sheridan County Criminal Records & Warrants Databases
Sheridan County Sheriff Website

How to Search For Warrant Records Online

Warrant Records are public documents which show when and for how long a person has been arrested or convicted of a crime. You can also get a copy of any court files related to an arrest. Warrant records are available from the courts, sheriff’s offices, and police stations in Lincoln and Spokane, Washington. To search for warrants, you can use your favorite search engine or just do a general internet search on the State of Nebraska website.

Searching for Criminal History Records on the Internet. There are free websites that allow you to search for public criminal history records. You can generally find these records through the Federal Fugitives Wing, which provides an index of all fugitives. You will need to pay a nominal fee to access this service.

Another option is the local sheriff’s department where you can search for the person’s records. However, if the person has committed a crime within the county you are investigating, the records are usually not available. It depends on whether or not the records are an item of a state or federal nature. You can find many of the records online through the respective state sheriffs’ offices.

Searching for Criminal History Records by Businesses. If you have a company and you want to hire employees, make sure you find out the person’s criminal history. It can help you to prevent hiring someone with a criminal background. If you are a business owner, you may want to look into the records of other companies to see how they are hiring employees.

Searching for Warrants. Warrant records are kept in different local government agencies and they also provide access to other types of public records. When you search for a warrant online, the search results will return a list of records that are public. The information that you will find includes the person’s name, current or past addresses, criminal history, and more.

There are also special courts that have the responsibility of sealing warrants. If you are having trouble finding the information you are looking for, you may want to check with these courts. Many of them also allow you to view their records online.

Searching for Warrants by Individuals. In some cases, an individual may be arrested for a warrant. However, it is possible to search for a warrant online without knowing the person’s name. If you have any knowledge of the person, you can do a warrant search. This will give you detailed information about the person’s arrest, whether or not they were arrested and what the warrant is for.

Searching for Warrants by Companies and Employers. Employers and companies will sometimes obtain warrant records on employees without their permission. If you are an employer, you may want to check to see if you have hired the right person. If you have had an employee with a criminal history, it is important to know about this before hiring them. You can search online for the warrant and see if you can learn any information about the person.

Searching for Warrants by the Government. If you are doing a background check on someone in the government, like an attorney or a police officer, you need to make sure that they have no criminal record and that they are not on any record database. There are several places online where you can do a background check. You can also get a copy of the warrant, which can give you detailed information. This will help you decide if the person is honest and will follow the law.