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Keya Paha County Sheriffs Office310 Courthouse DriveSpringviewNE68778402-497-3201
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Searching For People’s Warrant Records

Warrant Records are one of the most commonly requested public records. When requesting these records, one of the first things that will come up is a person’s criminal history. This is because warrants were one of the ways that the police and law enforcement used to keep track of people who were on the wrong side of the law. A warrant is simply a legal request from a judge or warrant authority for a person to come into court on a specific date.

These records are kept in the county where the warrant was issued. Therefore, if a warrant is issued in Lincoln County and the person failed to show up in court, then their warrant will be filed in Omaha. In order to obtain these records, a person must go to the county where the warrant was issued. In most instances, a formal request will be sent by the police to the court house in Omaha where the warrant was issued in order to get access to the person’s court records.

If a person fails to show up in court on the date set by the court, then the warrant will be executed. A person that is arrested without a warrant has the right not to have their personal information released unless they can prove their identity. A person cannot be arrested for a crime that they may not even know about unless they tell the police officer that they are not in fact who they say they are. For this reason, warrants are very important to keep an eye on. If a warrant is found, it will allow the police officer to enter the premises, and thus gain access to any information that they need to know about a person.

Warrant records will reveal a person’s criminal past if they have ever been arrested or committed a crime. This information is often used by employers when looking to hire someone new. If a person has a clean record but has been arrested once, then their application will be turned down, as employers will want to know the full extent of a person’s criminal history.

Many times, employers will perform a background check on any potential employee. These background checks will include a person’s criminal records. They will sometimes use a service that is completely legal and does not use any private information from a person. This type of service will search through the warrants that are found when a person is convicted of a crime. This can include any arrests that were made, or any criminal activity that was done in the past.

If you are going to hire a new employee, then you should make sure that they do have a clean record. This means that they have not been convicted of any crimes, and have not been involved in any illegal activity in the past. By using a service that searches through these records, you will be able to make sure that a potential employee does not have any previous offenses. It is also good to have a person that is trustworthy in your workplace, as the safety of everyone in the building can be at stake if there is any type of illegal activity.