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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(666)Mackinac County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Mackinac County Probation Department100 South Marley StreetSt. IgnaceMI49781906-643-7343
Mackinac County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Mackinac County Sheriffs Office / Mackinac County Jail100 South Marley StreetSt. IgnaceMI49781906-643-1911
Mackinac Island Police Department7374 Market StreetMackinac IslandMI49757906-847-3300
Michigan State Police District 8 Post 83 - Saint IgnaceInterstate 75St. IgnaceMI49781906-643-7582
Saint Ignace City Police Department396 North State StreetSt. IgnaceMI49781906-643-6077
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How to Do Warrant Records Search Online

“Warrant Records” refers to any public record which is a record of a person’s arrest, court, or other records related to the administration of a government agency. In some cases these arrest warrants are used as evidence in a court of law. A warrant is a legal term, and warrants can be issued by a judge for a number of reasons. Sometimes a warrant will be issued based on suspicion of a crime, or based merely on the suspicion that a person may violate a municipal law. A warrant can be issued by a judge for any number of reasons including the following: when a person fails to show up for court as ordered, or when a person fails to appear at a hearing scheduled by a judge. In other cases a warrant can be issued if a person is involved in a stolen vehicle.

When a person’s criminal history has been documented in the court system, that person can have their records cleared or sealed by the court if the person can prove that their criminal history does not affect them negatively. This can be done by having their records cleared or sealed. If one is unable to clear their records, then they may be able to petition the court to have their records sealed. This is called a post-judgment order.

Warrant records are different from a person’s personal history in that a person’s criminal history is not necessarily going to be cleared or sealed. In some situations, people who are charged with serious crimes such as rape or murder may have their records expunged. This means that they are no longer a criminal, and their past offenses do not come back when they apply for jobs, rent apartments, or do any type of transaction in the community. If a person’s record has been expunged, then their records can only be searched by other law enforcement agencies or by the person themselves.

In some states, records that are sealed are available to be viewed. For example, in Florida there is a list from the Florida Department of Corrections. This list contains information on all people who have been sent to prison in the state of Florida. However, the state of Florida only allows the courts, law enforcement agencies, and other licensed individual to have access to this information. This information is sealed to protect the public and to prevent identity theft.

Any records that are in a criminal record search in any way are considered public domain. If you are searching for a person’s criminal record, then you are restricted to what is contained in the Florida Department of Corrections’ website and the federal Bureau of Investigations’ website. You are not allowed to obtain a record from the State’s Highway Patrol’s website. You will need to have a separate request with each agency for access to their individual records.

It is important to understand that if a person has a warrant out for their arrest, then they cannot just disappear and not give the police any kind of information. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check to see if you personally have a warrant out for your arrest. You can do this online at the Florida Division of State Public Health and Human Services’ website. Once you enter the person’s name into the system, you will be provided with a list of all felony and lesser charge warrants (if applicable) along with their charges. In addition to checking for a record, you should also consider getting a criminal background check done just to be on the safe side.