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Bath Police Department250 Water StreetBathME04530207-443-5563
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Phippsburg Police Department1042 Main RoadPhippsburgME04562207-389-2653
Richmond Police Department26 Gardiner StreetRichmondME04357207-737-2615
Topsham Police Department100 Main StreetTopshamME04086207-725-4337
Sagadahoc County Sheriff Department
Sagadahoc County Sheriffs Department752 High StreetBathME04530207-443-8201
Sagadahoc County Probation Department
Sagadahoc County Probation Department752 High StreetBathME04530207-443-8204
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How to Search For Police Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Sagadahoc County Maine are considered public information and are maintained by the Judicial Clerk of Superior Court. To get warrants or search a person’s record, you will need the person’s name and date of birth. By using either your home telephone number or the person’s driver’s license number, you can request a copy of the warrant. Some warrants will require a person to attend an arraignment or deposition in Magistrates Court. If a warrant is issued for your arrest, it may require that you attend a specified location (till your date of release) to pick up your arrest warrant.

Warrant records in Sagadahoc County are classified as criminal felony warrants, civil misdemeanors, judgments, and numerous other classifications. You can search an individual’s warrant records by entering the person’s name into the Search Engines search box located on the homepage of the judicial courts website. The results will reveal if there are any warrants out for the person. If there are, then warrants will be shown next to the name of the person being searched. The details about the warrants will also be discussed in detail.

One reason for searching for warrant records is to determine if a person is under arrest for a criminal offense. For instance, you have an employee that is suspected of stealing from you. You can use the employee’s last name to search for his or her warrant records. Likewise, if you are having trouble with a tenant, you can obtain the address history of the person. A good method to use to discover a person’s arrest record is by entering the person’s name and dashing it before using the quotation sign. This will display a list of all public court cases that the person has been involved in, along with their case numbers.

Another way to determine if a person has a warrant is to contact the sheriff’s department. Many sheriffs’ departments will give you the names and addresses of the warrants that are currently active. Searching this information online can provide you with the name and address of the person who owns the warrant. Sometimes these warrants are fake and have no effect on a person’s ability to purchase a firearm; other times the warrant may be real and they may have committed a crime that makes them a public safety risk.

Warrant records can also be useful to friends and family who suspect a friend of being involved with criminal activity. If you suspect your partner or child is cheating, you can obtain their warrant records. Similarly, if you are concerned about the safety of a business partner or employee, you can obtain their warrant information. In this case, you would want to verify that the person has a valid warrant before allowing them access to classified information such as firearms. However, the person is still under investigation, so no gun purchase will take place until the investigation is complete.

If you have been wondering how to perform a warrant search on yourself, your best option is to contact a local police department. This is because the local police department has access to the most up-to-date warrant database. Additionally, many local law enforcement agencies will not perform this type of search for free. They will ask for a small fee for access to their extensive database. You may also be required to furnish some minimal information to begin the search.