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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2189)Kennebec County Police Departments
Augusta Police Department33 Union StreetAugustaME04330207-626-2370
Kennebec County Police Departments
Clinton Police Department27 Baker StreetClintonME04927207-426-9192
Gardiner Police Department6 Church StreetGardinerME04345207-582-3212
Hallowell Police Department1 Winthrop StreetHallowellME04347207-623-3131
Maine Department Of Marine Resources2 Beech StreetAugustaME04330207-624-6550
Oakland Police Department7 Fairfield StreetOaklandME04963207-465-2202
Waterville Police Department1 Common StreetWatervilleME04901207-680-4700
Winslow Police Department114 Benton AvenueWinslowME04901207-872-5215
Winthrop Police Department15 Town Hall LaneWinthropME04364207-377-7226
Kennebec County Sheriff Department
Kennebec County Sheriffs Department125 State StreetAugustaME04330207-623-3614
Kennebec County DEA Offices
Augusta Maine DEA Office45 Commerce DriveAugustaME04330207-626-3850
Augusta Maine DEA Office68 Sewall StreetAugustaME04330207-622-2902
Kennebec County FBI Office
Augusta Maine FBI Office68 Sewall StreetAugustaME04330207-622-2902
Kennebec County Probation Department
Kennebec County Probation Department115 State StreetAugustaME04330207-623-2270
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How to Find Criminal Records For Free – Warrant Information

One of the many things that an individual can do when they live in Kennebec County, Maine is to search for their own warrants. A warrant is defined as an order that allows for an individual to be arrested without a warrant being present. When an arrest is made and a warrant is carried out on a person, it is legal evidence that the person was committed a crime by the police. Searching for these records can provide some important information on an individual including the crime they were arrested for, their current status with the law and other warrants that might still be outstanding. Performing a search for your own warrant records can be done in one of two ways.

The first and more straightforward method of searching for these records involves going to the local police department. While this will usually give some limited information, the record will contain the person’s date of birth, their full name, where they live, social security number and any warrants that are outstanding against them. It also may not tell you what crime the person has been arrested for or if they have ever been convicted of a crime. This is because warrants are only carried out in cases where a crime has actually been committed.

If the police department doesn’t list any warrants in their system then you can try contacting the local sheriff’s office. Many sheriffs have their own department that keeps records on people who have been convicted of a crime. These records will often give you the person’s criminal history including when, where and why the warrant was issued. This can sometimes give you a bit more detailed information than the police department’s records can.

Another way to search for criminal records in Kennebec County is to go online. There are a number of online websites that give access to public criminal records. Some websites require a minimal fee, whilst others offer the service for free. The information contained can include traffic violations, marriage details, financial data and more. It can also include sex offender records and more. Searching for warrants online is simple and fast; you can usually perform it all from the comfort of your own home.

If you don’t find any information from the police department or local newspaper, you may need to employ a private detective to dig a little further. You can hire a private detective by searching online or in your local phone book for detectives. Most reputable and established detectives will offer a free no obligation quote before undertaking to search for warrants. They should be able to find the necessary information to locate the person in question. However, you may still need to pay a small fee to find any public criminal records if you need to find several records for one person.

The internet is great for conducting your own research, but you should never rely on online resources alone. When performing an online search you should ensure that the information comes from a reliable and legitimate company. The best way to check is to read customer reviews. Whilst most sites will have a few customer reviews, it pays to check out those that are particularly good and those that have lots of positive reviews. If you can find any reports of people who have had experience with a particular website, then this is a site worth looking into.