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Winn Parish Sheriffs Department / Winn Parish Jail119 West Main StreetWinnfieldLA71483318-628-4611
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Winnfield Police Department405 South Jones StreetWinnfieldLA71483318-628-3511
Dodson Police Department205 GreshamDodsonLA71422318-628-3775
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Warrant Records, Are They a Boon Or a Bane?

What are Warrant Records? Well, a Warrant Records refers to a court order that says that a person has committed a crime against the community or state. In other words, it says that a person has committed a crime against someone else. There is no certainty as to whether the person actually committed the crime or not. Warrant Records in Winn Parish Louisiana include arrests and searches.

What are the purposes of Searching a Warrant Records? A warrant can be used in many circumstances such as conducting a background check on a potential employee, checking on your nanny or your children, and many other uses. A person who is accused of a crime, and there is insufficient evidence to charge them, can apply for a Search Warrant. The warrant will allow police to conduct a search for any person whose name is entered into the system. These records can contain information on previous addresses, criminal activity, aliases, phone numbers, and more.

How are Warrant Records handled in Winn Parish? When a person is arrested for a criminal activity, records are kept by the arresting authorities. If you are a person with an outstanding warrant for your arrest, you should contact the ISP (in Winn Parish) to get your record. This will help you learn more about the crime that you are being charged with, and also helps to protect you from further illegal activities.

The process of getting a criminal record check on someone can be daunting if you don’t know anything about searching. There are several reasons that a person might be wanted on a criminal warrant. For example, some warrants may be created out of revenge for a previous crime, or out of catching the person performing illegal activities.

If you want to search, you can either use the ISP or you can contact your local courthouse (in Winn Parish). To do this, you will need to contact the clerk of court in your county. The one thing to keep in mind is that if you are charged with a felony, then it is usually a requirement that you give your fingerprints to the court before your trial date. This means that you will have to give up your rights to have a say in what information you search.

What if I already know that a person has a record? In some cases, the person is able to later amend their criminal activity. If you want to check if there are any warrants out for your arrest, you can call the ISP. They can tell you if there are any warrants out for your arrest, and also tell you how to clear your name. If you want to clear your name legally, it is important that you get an online civil records search done before you hire a lawyer or before you are given any papers by the police.