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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2528)Tensas Parish Police Departments
Newellton Police Department628 Verona StreetNewelltonLA71357318-467-5107
Tensas Parish Police Departments
Newellton Police Department110 Main StreetNewelltonLA71357318-467-5050
Saint Joseph Police Department125 Plank RoadSt. JosephLA71366318-766-3202
Waterproof Police Department311 Main StreetWaterproofLA71375318-749-0085
Waterproof Police Department342 Main StreetWaterproofLA71375318-749-0085
Tensas Parish Sheriff Department
Tensas Parish Sheriffs Department / Tensas Parish Jail203 Hancock StreetSt. JosephLA71366318-766-3961
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Warrant Records in Tensas Parish Louisiana are public information. However, you cannot access these documents without an attorney. Warrant Records in Tensas Parish Louisiana have to be filed with the courts and they are confidential. You cannot obtain them without an attorney unless he or she has been appointed by the courts. The purpose of this is to protect the individual against the misuse of their rights and the abuse of the law.

Warrants are one of the most requested of public records in all states. In fact, a warrant can be issued for the arrest of a person. A warrant can be issued based on probable cause that a person has committed a crime, even if the person has not. In other words, if there is a reasonable suspicion that a person has committed a crime, the police can arrest that person.

In addition, a warrant can be issued when a person has been arrested and the warrant states that the person has committed a crime in another state. If the person fails to appear at his or her court date, then the warrant will be granted and the person will be turned over to the jurisdiction of the state that issued the warrant. If the person fails to appear, then his or her arrest record is listed in the system and will be available for search by other law enforcement agencies or the FBI.

Warrant records are not only used for arresting someone. They are used to locate a person if he or she fails to show up at his or her court date. For instance, if a person is involved in a theft case, then the police can use the person’s fingerprints to conduct a background check to verify if the person is who s/he claims to be. This background check can prevent the issuance of warrants on someone else.

However, a warrant alone will not ensure that the person will turn himself or herself in. The person may refuse to turn himself or herself in and thus create a warrant. To avoid such a situation, it is important for the person to search for his or her own warrant records. This is necessary to prevent any abuse of power and violations of one’s rights.

Searching for one’s own warrant record is quite simple. There are many ways by which one can access the warrant records. One of the most popular methods is through searching the person’s name in the national database of criminal history records. These sites contain the public records of all offenses committed by a person and when the person’s name is entered in the site’s search box, the corresponding warrant record will be displayed. This makes it possible for people to perform a background check without much effort.