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Lawrence County Sheriffs Office310 East Main StreetLouisaKY41230606-638-4368
Lawrence County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Louisa Police Department215 North Main Cross StreetLouisaKY41230606-638-4058
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What Is the Best Way to Search For Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Lawrence County, Kentucky include all federal and state law enforcement cases as well as arrests and charges for violation of various statutes. Warrant Records in Lawrence County contain data on persons who are subjects of investigations and warrants or arrests. They also contain data on persons who are accused of crimes but unable to give any explanation as to why they were arrested. Warrant Records in Lawrence County are also used to protect the welfare of persons accused of criminal activities who cannot provide a reason for the allegations. Warrant Records have various legal uses that include conducting background investigations on individuals, tracking down fugitives, tracking down missing persons, keeping track of sex offenders and more.

In Kentucky, a person is considered guilty until proven innocent by a court of law. Warrant Records in Lawrence County help prove if a person is guilty or not. Background investigations on people help determine if the person is guilty of crimes or not. The person’s background can be thoroughly investigated by using the information contained in the person’s record such as offenses, felonies, sex offenses and much more. It is possible to do a complete background check on someone in less than five minutes.

Arrest records and warrant records are one of the most important records that can provide clues to a person’s past and present activities. These records are available to law enforcement agencies for their investigation. Searching through these records can tell you a lot about a person’s history and whether he/she is a safe person to associate with. There are several ways of searching for and obtaining arrest records or warrant records online. You can use the information provided below:

A more convenient method is to search public records by using a service provider. However, most providers only require minimal fees when you do a search. To get more detailed records, it will be better to go directly to the source yourself. There are several options to obtain public records search results such as:

The Federal Fugitives Wing ( Fugitive Records) is one of the largest federal criminal databases in the world. Each state maintains its own Fugitive Records section and provides these records to the public on the basis of an application. You need to personally submit an application for an online access to any of the state’s records. The application forms are available at the state courthouse or through e-filing.

Searching for records of criminal activity is very complicated and requires specialized services. These services are available at a nominal fee and may include several checks on a person. These checks can help you assess whether a person has any criminal records which may include warrant for arrest, pending criminal charges, or any other information. These checks can be used to make sure that the person is free from any criminal acts.