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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2569)Mercer County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Mercer County Constable134 South Main StreetHarrodsburgKY40330859-583-5730
Mercer County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Mercer County Probation Department101 Commercial DriveHarrodsburgKY40330859-239-7614
Mercer County Sheriffs Office207 West Lexington StreetHarrodsburgKY40330859-734-4221
Burgin Police Department117 Maple StreetBurginKY40310859-748-5220
Harrodsburg Police Department411 North Greenville StreetHarrodsburgKY40330859-734-3311
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Searching For Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Mercer County, Kentucky are considered public information. However, anyone can obtain copies of this document as long as they have legitimate reasons for doing so. A person can search for and view all types of warrants within this jurisdiction. Some people search for their own personal safety or to monitor the people around them. Others use these records as a means of obtaining evidence for a crime they are planning to commit.

Criminal records are held in an individual’s local court house or county courthouse. They are also stored electronically. The clerk’s office holds all warrant records, and these can be located by contacting them directly. To find someone’s arrest warrant, a person can contact their local police station or sheriff’s department.

Many times, criminal records are not found in an individual’s local courthouse. Instead, they will be located in the judge’s chambers of their county. It is possible to find the records in the judge’s chambers by requesting them from the court. To do this, a person must go to the clerk’s office and ask to speak with an associate. The associate will then go to the courthouse and physically locate the records for the person that they are seeking.

When a person is performing a search for their own records, they may be able to locate them in one of two ways. If a person has any contacts in their neighborhood with law enforcement, they may be able to find their records there. When a person does their own background check on someone, they will be able to locate their records in this manner as well. The only downside to this method is if the person is looking for their own records, and they do not have any contact with their neighbors.

Searching a person’s background using neighbors is another way to find the records. If a person has a neighbor that has a criminal record, they may be able to find it from their records. Usually this information will be found in the local police station. The downside to this method is if a person lives too far away from their neighbor that person may not even be available to search that person’s records.

Warrant records can help a person do a criminal background check on someone that they are suspicious about. A person may want to hire a new nanny or babysitter. They can use the warrant records to make sure that they are hiring someone trustworthy. People can use the records to verify information that they hear on the news. It can prevent someone from taking out a loan that is not theirs or stealing from a store that is out of their own bank account.