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(2763)Wallace County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Wallace County Probation Department313 Main StreetSharon SpringsKS67758785-852-4288
Wallace County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Wallace County Sheriffs Department / Wallace County Jail313 Main StreetSharon SpringsKS67758785-852-4288
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Who Can Access Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Wallace County Kansas hold much of the same information as does a typical county record book. You can search by name or case number to find out more about a person. If you don’t know his full legal name, you’ll find the option of using a middle name or initials to search. There is a separate function for searching for a warrant for arrests and criminal history. These warrant records are also arranged by county and state.

You may not be able to conduct an arrest record search without the proper authorization. A warrant is issued when a judge believes there is probable cause that a person has committed a crime. Proving this probable cause is accomplished through an investigation of a person’s conduct. By obtaining a warrant for a person’s arrest, police can then obtain any criminal background information they need to wrap up the case. The same holds true for an outstanding warrant. If a person has two or more outstanding warrants, their names will be listed in the state and county records.

Warrant records also include an applicant’s date of birth, current address, current employment, social security number, driver’s license number and current immigration status. If there is an outstanding arrest warrant, it will also show up on the person’s records. Some warrant applications can require applicants to provide proof of rehabilitation or release while in jail.

Warrant records are available to law enforcement officials for the issuance of warrants and for an arrest. Arrest warrants are issued after an arrest is made on suspicion of the commission of a crime. Warrant records contain information on arrests that were made during the course of an investigation. This includes the name of the person arrested, a description of the crime, and the arrest date.

Warrant records can be public. They are automatically released to the public if the person named in the warrant is found guilty of the charge. If the person does not have access to the public record, then the record is not made public. A warrant may be revoked by the courts if the person’s access to the public record is interfered.

Warrant records are available for free online. If a person has an outstanding arrest warrant, then they should try to find out what is behind it. Many online companies allow you to do an online arrest warrant search from their website. The best way to find out if the person has an outstanding warrant is to use a background search online.