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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2282)Barton County Police Departments
Barton County Attorneys Office1400 Main StreetGreat BendKS67530620-793-1851
Barton County Police Departments
Claflin Police Department111 Hamilton StreetClaflinKS67525620-587-3344
Ellinwood Police Department209 West 1st StreetEllinwoodKS67526620-564-3001
Great Bend Police Department1217 Williams StreetGreat BendKS67530620-793-4120
Hoisington Police Department109 East 1st StreetHoisingtonKS67544620-653-4995
Kansas Bureau Of Investigation625 Washington StreetGreat BendKS67530620-792-4353
Pawnee Rock Police Department700 Pawnee AvenuePawnee RockKS67567620-982-4386
Barton County Sheriff Department
Barton County Sheriffs Department / Barton County Jail1416 Kansas AvenueGreat BendKS67530620-793-1876
Barton County Probation Department
Barton County Probation Department1806 12th StreetGreat BendKS67530620-793-1887
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What Are Warrant Records?

When searching for information about warrants, or any other public records, it’s important to understand what a Warrant is and what their importance is to our system of government. A “warrant” is simply a court order that authorizes a law enforcement officer to arrest a person for a specific crime. Specifically, such warrants are issued based on the suspicion that the person committed the crime that is being investigated. For example, if an individual was believed to be entering into a premises without leaving his or her name and address, an arrest warrant would be issued. If an officer arrested the suspect without the issuance of a warrant, it would then be found illegal by the courts.

The most common reason for issuing warrants is for immigration violations. An immigrant may enter the country illegally but fail to follow the law. This may cause issues with authorities who are investigating them for possible deportation. Such an immigrant may then issue an immigrant detainment warrant, which can prohibit further action against them. In such cases, an arrest warrant will be issued for their arrest.

Another instance where an arrest warrant may be issued is when a person is arrested for a DUI offense. Like other states, DUI arrest warrants may be issued when a DUI offense is suspected. However, the penalties associated with this crime are much different than the penalties associated with a DUI conviction. While a DUI conviction may result in jail time, penalties for violating a DUI warrant are relatively minor. As such, many people who are concerned about the violation of their DUI warrant may opt to take advantage of an out-of-state warrant of arrest to avoid the penalties associated with DUI.

Warrant records in Kansas are available to the public through the State Highway Patrol, which has responsibility for maintaining the statewide records of criminal activity. In addition, the Department of Revenue maintains a centralized record of warrants for the purposes of collecting taxes. While each of these departments have different methods of maintaining these records, they do share data and information regarding warrants. The Department of Revenue is also responsible for investigating any suspicion of fraud or tax evasion, which can sometimes lead to the issuance of a warrant for an individual.

Generally, a warrant will be issued for one of three reasons: if the person is charged with a felony, if there is probable cause that the person committed a felony, or if there is reason to believe that the person committed a misdemeanor at the time of the arrest. Warrant searches in Arkansas are typically performed by law enforcement officials during an arrest for drug trafficking or alcohol possession. However, some crimes, such as murder, do not involve drugs or alcohol and can be investigated without needing to conduct a search of a person’s criminal record. The process of obtaining an arrest warrant is much different in many states than it is in Arkansas.

The first step to getting a copy of a warrant record in Kansas is to obtain an arrest warrant from the circuit court in the county where the suspect was arrested. If there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest, it will be listed on the state’s civil registry. If you are looking up someone’s warrant records in Barton County, you will need to contact the courthouse where the warrant was filed. You will need the persons name, date of birth, and social security number. Arrest warrant searches in Kansas require the submission of $7.00 per person, in addition to a signature guarantee.