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(2662)Rush County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Kansas Highway Patrol Troop E - Rush715 Elm StreetLa CrosseKS67548785-222-2578
Rush County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Rush County Probation Department715 Elm StreetLa CrosseKS67548785-222-3416
Rush County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 495La CrosseKS67548785-222-2578
Rush County Sheriffs Office715 Elm StreetLa CrosseKS67548785-222-2578
La Crosse Police Department1105 Main StreetLa CrosseKS67548785-222-3535
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How to Search For Warrant Records in Rush County, Kansas

It is no secret that a person can be arrested without any warrant by law enforcement officials for any reasons whatsoever. In the United States, warrants are used as legal tools allowing law enforcers to apprehend criminals. Warrants are also issued for the arrest and detainment of individuals who have violated the law. Any time a warrant is active it means that the person or agency issuing the warrant has “commenced and committed the crime”. Warrants are issued in every county in Kansas and are entered on the court’s website for the public to find.

A warrant can be for any number of things. They can be issued when a person fails to appear at a scheduled court date, when a person is involved in a crime, when a person is suspected of committing another crime such as murder or rape, when a person is fired from their job for whatever reason, when a person is involved in a hit and run accident or even when a person is involved in a accident where another vehicle was damaged. Warrant records in Rush County, Kansas also show the date of birth of the person in question. This information is used to make sure that the person applying for a legal document is who they say they are.

Warrant records also show a person’s criminal history. A criminal history includes all court cases a person has been involved in. It also shows any jail time a person has served. If someone has been convicted of a felony they will have a criminal history that shows the charges, the court case details, the defendant’s criminal history and any additional information that pertains to the person.

Criminal history records will also include traffic violations. Oftentimes when a person is being investigated for a crime they will be asked to go on their public record to see if they have any other infractions. Some areas, such as Rush County, require a person to be fingerprinted before a criminal record is released. Oftentimes a criminal record will be expunged after seven years or so.

If a warrant is outstanding against a person the details will also appear. Oftentimes the address and phone number of the person who has been arrested will be listed. The date and place of the arrest will also be listed. Other information such as the crime that the person has been arrested for and their criminal history will also be found. When searching for information about a person it is important to make sure that the information is accurate as well as current.

If you are looking to hire a person to work for your company and you have access to their arrest records then it can be helpful to search for the person’s warrant records first. Doing this can help you to avoid hiring a dangerous person. You can also find out whether or not a person is telling the truth about their background. Many employers use these types of records to determine whether or not a person is safe or not before hiring them.