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(2648)Clay County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Clay County Probation Department100 West 5th StreetSpencerIA51301712-262-5252
Clay County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Clay County Sheriffs Department3121 West 4th StreetSpencerIA51301712-262-5448
Iowa State Highway Patrol District 6 - Spencer503 West 44th StreetSpencerIA51301712-262-1424
Spencer Police Department405 1st Avenue WestSpencerIA51301712-262-2151
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Search Warrant Records – How to Do a Background Check Online

A person can obtain a copy of a persons criminal history and warrants for arrests through the aid of Warrant Records in Clay County Iowa. Warrant Records in Clay County are maintained by the Sheriff’s Office and are obtained at the designated Division of Criminal Justice office. These records are compiled monthly for the jurisdictions viewing in order to give the latest information on all persons accused or wanted for committing crimes. You are able to search a person’s criminal background information and if you are searching for a record on a person who lives in Clay County i.e. a resident, you will be able to access these records at the sheriff’s office for an easy online search.

The data is compiled into these record sets to assist law enforcement agencies in their day to day operations. By searching a persons name in one of the systems you will get back with all relevant information on that person. Criminal records are available to the public and can be viewed anytime in certain situations. If the person has been convicted of a crime in the past it will remain on their record until it is cleared. For instance, a person who has been arrested for domestic violence will remain on the records until the domestic violence charge has been dismissed.

To find out more about search warrant and arrest warrants in Clay County i.e. what steps a police officer should take once they have a persons name in their possession. You can access the system online through a secure login and then make your request. By requesting a search warrant you will be able to view the complete record of the persons name from start to finish. All court judgements, minor traffic offenses and DUI convictions will be listed. If you wish to view more information you can always pay a small fee and get unlimited access to search warrant databases.

Before you are allowed to search the database you will be required to complete a simple application form. By completing this easy form you will prove to any potential employers that you have completed a training program on how to check the criminal records database. This proof of your capability to perform a background check is essential if you wish to apply for any type of position that requires interacting with the general public. The more diverse types of jobs require such searches so you will need to know exactly what position to apply for.

There are two primary reasons to use a record search website when searching for criminal records on another person. The first reason is to eliminate people with severe criminal offenses from your personal and/or family members life. If you are involved with dating and if you are dating a person with a severe sexual offense you should certainly not allow that person to date or keep your contact details on a public website.

Secondly you may wish to search warrant information to see if a particular person’s driving records are accurate. If you are hiring someone to work for you at home this will prevent your home from being broken into. Accurate records will prevent you from hiring someone with a serious criminal past. It can also prevent you spending time and money removing a child from your life after they have been accused of child abuse or a similar crime.