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(3030)Whitley County Police Departments
South Whitley Police Department118 East Front StreetSouth WhitleyIN46787260-723-6871
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Churubusco Police Department530 South Main StreetChurubuscoIN46723260-693-2609
Columbia City Police Department112 South Chauncey StreetColumbiaIN46725260-248-5121
Indiana Department Of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division - District 2 Headquarters1353 South Governors RoadColumbiaIN46725260-244-3720
Whitley County Sheriff Departments
Whitley County Sheriff Department / Whitley County Jail101 West Market StreetColumbiaIN46725260-244-6410
Whitley County Sheriff's Office101 West Market StreetColumbiaIN46725260-244-6410
Whitley County Probation Department
Whitley County Probation Department101 West Market StreetColumbiaIN46725260-248-3117
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Searching For Warrant Records

Warrant Records are one of the most informative categories of public records available. Any information related to a person’s arrest or search is recorded in this category. Warrant Records in Whitley County Indiana include all warrants, notices of arrests and searches, as well as any trial dates or time served. It can also show all court cases that have been filed against a person and their charges.

All persons accused of a crime in the state of Indiana are required by law to have a warrant out for their arrest. This warrant gives law enforcement officers enough evidence to arrest the suspect and bring them to court. In Indiana, Warrant Records are kept in the county where the arrest took place. Some records are kept in the county where the suspect is arrested, while others are kept at the state and not at the county courthouse. This is to protect the rights of the individual and to ensure that the person does not get free passes when they commit another crime. By having this record in your possession you will have more confidence in your safety and the safety of your family.

Warrant Records are different than other public records in that they do not contain information that was not committed by the person being accused. There are many different things that will show whether a person has not committed a crime. For example, a DUI warrant may indicate that a person was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, while a criminal history record may indicate that a person has been charged with committing a crime. These two records are considered “mensal conduct”, which is covered under the state’s Sexually Dangerous Offenders Act (SSOIA). The person must also be found to have caused serious injury or death to another individual while violating the SSOIA. Warrant Records in Whitley County are not considered to be such an infraction.

Before a warrant is granted in Whitley County it is investigated by an internal police department called the Criminal Justice Administration (CJIA). Internal personnel perform background investigations on people who have been arrested on suspicion of criminal activity. If the investigations reveal probable cause that a person has committed a crime then the warrant will be filed in the county courthouse. When searching through the records of a person who has been arrested, one can find out if they have a warrant issued against them by searching their records. However, it is always best to contact your lawyer to learn more about your particular situation.

Once a warrant is issued by the court, it remains active unless it is lifted. Warrant searches can also be performed by law enforcement officials as part of their regular routine operations. These warrants are placed on file for future reference by other law enforcement officers. If a person’s arrest warrant is renewed, then that person is required to appear before a judge in order to be served with a copy of their arrest warrant.

Warrant Records can be searched at any of the offices located in downtown Whitleyville. You will need to fill out an application requesting information on the person you want to search. The fee for this service is very reasonable, especially when comparing it to the price of someone going into a person’s home to conduct an investigation. In addition to providing you with the name of the person and the warrant, they can also tell you where the warrant is posted and if there are other warrants out for the person. Once the search is completed, you will be provided with the results which should include the names of the person and the warrant, the date the warrant was executed, the location of the arrest, and other pertinent details.