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(2591)Carroll County Police Departments
Burlington Police Department49 South Michigan StreetBurlingtonIN46915765-566-3672
Carroll County Police Departments
Camden Marshal Office153 West Main StreetCamdenIN46917574-686-3800
Delphi Police Department201 South Union StreetDelphiIN46923765-564-3841
Flora Police Department10 North Center StreetFloraIN46929574-967-4457
Flora Police Department27 West Main StreetFloraIN46929574-967-4457
Carroll County Sheriff Departments
Carroll County Sheriff / Carroll County Jail310 West Main StreetDelphiIN46923765-564-2413
Carroll County Sheriff's Office310 West Main StreetDelphiIN46923765-564-2413
Carroll County Probation Department
Carroll County Probation Department101 West Main StreetDelphiIN46923765-564-2460
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Warrant Records Information in Carroll County Indiana

In Indiana, arrest warrants are one of the most common and important public records. These are issued by Magistrates, Appellate Courts and County Courts and are available for anyone to check up on an individual. When a warrant is issued it shows that a judge has found that an individual has committed an act warranting arrest. In Indiana a warrant will usually be issued by a judge within a short period of time after a person has been arrested. This means that they will have to wait before they can go to court and have their warrant released.

The process of getting a warrant is not as simple as most people may think. There is a lot of paperwork that goes along with getting a criminal record verified and then having it officially entered into the court system. To start with the clerk will visit the courthouse where the criminal act took place and requests the records from the court. The individual will then have to wait for some time before the records are actually entered into the court system. If an individual does not have a criminal record then they can apply to get these documents online in person at the courthouse.

Once the records have been received, they are then stored in the database of the county where the crime was committed. This is usually done within the county where the individual was arrested because it is easier to match the person’s identity to the person’s arrest than if they were living in another state. The person’s date of birth can also be used as identification to verify their identity.

If an individual fails to show up at court to have their warrant served then they can expect that their warrant will be renewed by the court at regular intervals. As long as the warrant remains active then it will be valid until it is cancelled. If an individual has outstanding warrants against them then their name will be listed in the Sex Offender Registry. It is for reasons of safety that these registries are kept up to date but people can still be convicted of offences even if they have no previous convictions recorded against them.

There are other reasons why a warrant may be issued. If an individual has given false details about themselves on an application for social security or employment then they may have their details renewed without being told that they lied. Another example is where a person changes their name multiple times and then has their name changed on their driver’s license. When the DMV records the change in their record the person’s name will appear as the same name as the original person.

In cases where a warrant is revoked, the police or law enforcement agency that issued the warrant will inform the individual about this. The person then has 7 days to provide written proof that they have not been in unlawful behavior. If after this period the person’s name is found on a revoked warrant, they will lose their right to possess a firearm.