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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2795)Jasper County Police Departments
Demotte Police Department112 Carnation Street SoutheastDe MotteIN46310219-987-3344
Jasper County Police Departments
Remington Police Department33 North Indiana StreetRemingtonIN47977219-261-3133
Remington Police Department100 East North Railroad StreetRemingtonIN47977219-261-3133
Rensselaer Police Department122 South Van Rensselaer StreetRensselaerIN47978219-866-7602
Rensselaer Police Department201 South Cullen StreetRensselaerIN47978219-866-7602
Wheatfield Police Department51 Main StreetWheatfieldIN46392219-956-3006
Wheatfield Police Department160 Grace StreetWheatfieldIN46392219-956-3006
Jasper County Sheriff Departments
Jasper County Sheriff's Office202 South Cullen StreetRensselaerIN47978219-866-7334
Jasper County Sheriffs Office / Jasper County Jail2171 North McKinley AvenueRensselaerIN47978219-866-7344
Jasper County Probation Department
Jasper County Probation Department105 West Kellner BoulevardRensselaerIN47978219-866-4902
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Warrant Records Can Tell You Someone’s Criminal History

Warrant Records in Jasper County Indiana are one of the most public of all public records. These are filed in the Clerk of Court in each county that has a Criminal Records Bureau. All felony and lesser charge arrests can be made without needing a warrant. Arrest records also show if a person has ever been prosecuted for a crime, their conviction date, and other important information.

There are two types of warrants. A warrant can be based on an actual offense that has been committed or it can be based on suspicion. If you were to look up a person’s arrest record you would need their name and the crime they were arrested for. If you do not know their name but you are suspicious of them being involved in criminal activity then you would need their date of birth and address to get further information. If you are able to get all of this information then you can find out if the person is in fact guilty.

Warrant Records can tell you the criminal history of a person. However, not all criminal records are actually available to the public. Some criminal records are sealed for security purposes. If a person has been charged with a crime that is not a common occurrence in their area then their record will remain sealed. This means that not many public records are available on this person. They may only have their date of birth available, their social security number, and some court records.

People who want to do a criminal records check on another person should make sure that the person they want to check up on have actually been convicted of their crime. You should also ask for proof of residency. Sometimes this information is not required if the person is being investigated as a non-custodial parent.

People who are suspicious of someone else might want to do a criminal records check. This can be useful when you are hiring a nanny or babysitter. It can also be useful when you are looking to rent an apartment. It is best to check the background of a person before letting them rent your apartment.

People who want to check up on someone else’s warrant records can access a public records database. You can find out the person’s crime and sex crimes using this type of website. There are websites that offer access to warrant records for free. However, if the person you want to look up has any previous felonies or has priors against their name then you might have to pay a small fee to get their full record.

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