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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2874)Macon County Police Departments
Argenta Police Department330 Warren StreetArgentaIL62501217-795-3351
Macon County Police Departments
Blue Mound Police Department301 Blue Mound RoadBlue MoundIL62513217-692-2711
Blue Mound Police Department229 North Railroad AvenueBlue MoundIL62513217-692-2711
Decatur Park District Police Department620 East Riverside AvenueDecaturIL62521217-422-5911
Decatur Police Department333 South Franklin StreetDecaturIL62523217-424-2745
Maroa Police Department109 East Main StreetMaroaIL61756217-794-5526
Mount Zion Police Department410 West Main StreetMount ZionIL62549217-864-4012
Warrensburg Police Department155 East Main StreetWarrensburgIL62573217-672-3611
Macon County Sheriff Department
Macon County Sheriffs Office / Macon County Jail333 South Franklin StreetDecaturIL62523217-424-1332
Macon County Probation Department
Macon County Probation Department141 South Main StreetDecaturIL62523217-424-1444
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What Are Warrant Records?

Macon County is one of the more than two hundred counties within the state of Illinois. Of course, like any other county, it is not entirely free of crime. It is a rather safe area of the state, however, as the crime rate is below the national average. In this article, we will take a quick look at some of the basic information regarding warrant records in Macon County, Illinois.

First of all, what is a warrant? In the traditional sense, a warrant is an official paper document from a judge that authorizes a particular person or entity to do something. For instance, if a person were to be caught attempting to rob a bank, the police would have a legitimate reason to arrest that person on suspicion of robbery. However, there may be circumstances where there is no concrete evidence linking a person to a crime. Such circumstances may legally excuse the individual from having to produce a valid identification.

The records of a person’s criminal activity are called the “warrants.” These can provide a police officer with enough information to either arrest a person or to allow them to free themselves of the charges upon their arrest. If a person does not have a criminal record, they may still have a warrant for their arrest.

Now, why would anyone want access to these documents? There are a few good reasons for this. One is that if a person is being investigated for any type of crime, a criminal record search can provide that person with the necessary peace of mind. For example, a sex offender search can help prevent the hiring of a person who has a history of crime. Employers will often require applicants to go through an entire criminal record search prior to being hired.

Another reason for conducting a record search on a person is that it can be used as proof in a court of law. If a person is stopped for suspicion of DUI and then found to have no warrant records, that person could be held in criminal court for drunk driving. Without a warrant, that person would not be allowed to drive. This is a reason that many employers will use a criminal background check on any potential employee.

So, how do you perform one of these searches? You can either search online, but that can take hours on end. Alternatively, you can use a local warrant record search center. With one of these services, all you need to do is provide some basic information about the person to obtain their full record. Then, you simply pay a fee and you have access to all of the information you need.

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