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Madison County Probation DepartmentPO Box 389RexburgID83440208-356-3199
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Madison County Sheriffs Office / Madison County Jail145 East Main StreetRexburgID83440208-356-5426
Brigham Young University- Idaho University Police525 South Center StreetRexburgID83460208-496-3000
Rexburg Police Department25 East Main StreetRexburgID83440208-359-3008
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Where Can I Get Access to Warrant Records?

Warrant Records are a public record that outlines a person’s right to legal protection from arrest and prosecution by the court system. Arrest warrants are one type of warrant that authorizes law enforcement officers to arrest a person for an crime. If a person does not attend court on the date scheduled for their hearing, they are said to have violated their arrest warrant. If they do go to court, the judge will issue a warrant to be carried around until the court date.

Warrant Records are kept by each county in Idaho. People can search these records at the local police station or courthouse in their county. However, the cost of searching this record is often high and only results in finding out if a person has been arrested. The actual warrant will reveal more information regarding the person’s arrest. Per the law, it states that a warrant may only be issued for specific reasons and that reasons must be stated in the court.

There are times when the warrant just states the person has been convicted of a crime and they are being arrested. The judge may issue the warrant because of this reason. Warrant Records are kept in the custody of the Idaho State Police. When a person does get arrested, they are able to access the police records. This means that if they were convicted of a felony in another state, they can check with their state police to find out if their warrant was renewed. If it was not renewed, then they would have to go through the court process again.

Warrant Records can be useful for checking on a babysitter, nanny, potential employee or new partner. Someone may need to hire someone to work for them in Idaho. The person searching the person’s background will know if they have a warrant issued in another state for their arrest. In some cases, a person can access these documents online. However, most of the time, you must have the person’s full legal name to gain access to this information.

You can pay to have this information searched or you can pay for the records directly from the Idaho State Police. You can get these records from the court house in your county, but they also have access to the same information at the Idaho State Police. If you are interested in obtaining these records by mail, you can find out where the person got their record and where they lives. Sometimes the person has moved and they may have a new address, but this may not always be the case.

Warrant Records are an important document to check for any person you want to hire to work for you. If you are looking to rent an apartment in Idaho, you should look to see what the person’s record is. It is not worth it to rent an apartment to a person who has a warrant out for their arrest. When you are going to start a relationship with someone, you want to make sure they are not a criminal that can harm you or your family.