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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2732)Owyhee County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Owyhee County Probation DepartmentPO Box 126HomedaleID83628208-337-3702
Owyhee County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Owyhee County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 128MurphyID83650208-495-1154
Owyhee County Sheriffs Office / Owyhee County Jail20381 Idaho 78MurphyID83650208-495-1154
Homedale Police Department31 West Wyoming AvenueHomedaleID83628208-337-4642
Owyhee County Criminal Records & Warrants Databases
Owyhee County Child Support Warrants
Owyhee County Jail Records
Owyhee County Pistol Permits & Gun Licenses
Owyhee County Sex Offender Registry
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How to Search For Warrant Records in Owyhee County Idaho

“Warrant records” are the legal documents issued by court houses, statehouses and other county offices that have a “warrant” on them. These documents allow the courts, law enforcement officials and other qualified individuals to have knowledge of the original legal process, date of execution and other pertinent details. The documents also help individuals such as lawyers, judges, mortgage lenders and other citizens understand how they can be protected from crime and how they can track down their creditors when it is time for collection. A number of government agencies keep detailed records about people who have been convicted of crimes or who are on probation.

You may think that you do not need a background check on a person, but the truth is that you never know what someone is hiding. If there is something you should know, it is a person’s background. If you have children or you are dating someone, then it is your responsibility to conduct a thorough background check on that person. This is also a good idea if you plan to employ someone in your household.

Warrant records are available to the public, and this means that you can get access to these files anytime, all the time. There are some limitations though, regarding the data that you can retrieve. First, you have to look through certain public records databases. Also, the person’s name and address are normally listed in these documents, so you have to make sure that the person you want to search has those records.

There are certain circumstances where you have to obtain the person’s records from other sources besides the public. In some cases, you need to hire a private detective to track down information for you. In other instances, if the person you want to track down has relocated to another part of the country, then it will be hard for him to ever be found using traditional methods. You can also request for a record search from law enforcement agencies, which usually costs money.

To start searching for any public records website or online directory, just type in the person’s name, date of birth and address. For the search to work properly, you have to provide the exact details that you know. You can also choose to use other information that you have gathered like a driver’s license number, SSN or social security number. It is also important to use up-to-date and correct information because if you do not, the search will just come up with wrong or outdated information.

It is also essential that you have the correct person’s full legal name because other people might be able to assume that the person is someone else. You can also try to use correct spelling of the person’s first and last names, both in the singular and the plural. It would also help if you include the person’s middle name in your searches. Finally, try to include the person’s current place of residence, whether it is somewhere in Idaho or elsewhere, as well as his work address, his place of birth, divorce details and marriage information.