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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2723)Kootenai County Police Departments
Coeur D'Alene Police Department3818 North Schreiber WayCoeur d'AleneID83815208-769-2320
Kootenai County Police Departments
Hayden Lake Police Department9393 North Strahorn RoadHayden LakeID83835208-772-2161
Idaho State Patrol Commercial Vehicle Safety Region 1602 West Prairie AvenueCoeur d'AleneID83815208-772-6055
Idaho State Police - Region 1 - Patrol615 West Wilbur AvenueCoeur d'AleneID83815208-772-6055
Idaho State Police - Region I - Investigations250 Northwest BoulevardCoeur d'AleneID83814208-769-1433
North Idaho College Office Of Campus Safety And Security905 West River AvenueCoeur d'AleneID83814208-769-3310
Post Falls Police Department1717 East Polston AvenuePost FallsID83854208-773-3517
Rathdrum Police Department8178 Main StreetRathdrumID83858208-687-0711
Spirit Lake Police Department6155 West Maine StreetSpirit LakeID83869208-623-2701
Kootenai County Sheriff Department
Kootenai County Sheriff's Office5500 North Government WayCoeur d'AleneID83815208-446-1300
Kootenai County FBI Offices
Coeur d'Alene Idaho FBI Office250 Northwest BoulevardCoeur d'AleneID83814208-664-5128
Coeur d'Alene Idaho FBI Office2155 West Riverstone DriveCoeur d'AleneID83814208-664-5128
Kootenai County Probation Department
Kootenai County Probation Department205 North 4th StreetCoeur d'AleneID83814208-446-1920
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Kootenai County Idaho Warrant Records

When a person is arrested, there will usually be some sort of legal documentation that is filed about the arrest. This legal paperwork is called a warrant or court order. There are many different types of warrants out there. In Kootenai County, we have the following warrants that are active and enforceable by our court system:

Every warrant is filed under a unique set of circumstances. Some warrants are issued under suspicion of a person’s criminal activity. For example, if a person has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and the police have obtained a search warrant for their home, then that person’s home is subject to search without a warrant. Similarly, warrant orders can be granted based on suspicion of a person’s drug activity. If the police suspect that a person is selling drugs on their property, then they can get a warrant for the property. If there is evidence that the suspect is using the property for illegal drug transactions, then the police can get a warrant to seize the property.

However, just because there is a warrant for a person does not always mean that the person has committed a crime. A criminal record is a public record and anyone can access it. The person who was arrested can get their criminal records checked to see if there are any warrants out for their arrest. They can also look up the status of their case with their local courthouse and see if an arrest warrant has been issued against them.

Warrant records are also used for employment purposes. Many employers check applicants to make sure that they do not have any prior arrests or outstanding warrants. Also, many times, an employer will hire a person based on their appearance at an interview. Checking a person’s legal background is also a common part of pre-employment verification.

In some cases, you may need to find out the exact details of a legal document. For example, in a divorce, the judge will order records be filed. If the paperwork cannot be found, then a copy of the original paper will have to be filed. At the same time, the party that requested the divorce will be able to get their copy of the paperwork as well. This way, all parties can be informed of the legal documents involved in the case.

Warrant records are a very sensitive type of documentation. They must be handled with care because they are not only a physical object, but they are also a part of a person’s identity. People can be able to misuse these documents. Therefore, the person who receives the paperwork must be given proper notice. Usually, this happens when the person fails to appear at their court date.