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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2549)Blaine County Police Departments
Bellevue Police Department117 Pine StreetBellevueID83313208-788-3692
Blaine County Police Departments
Hailey Police Department115 South Main StreetHaileyID83333208-788-3531
Ketchum Police Department480 East AvenueSun ValleyID83353208-726-7819
Sun Valley Police Department81 Elkhorn RoadHaileyID83333208-622-5345
Sun Valley Police Department90 Elkhorn RoadSun ValleyID83353208-622-5345
Blaine County Sheriff Department
Blaine County Sheriffs Office / Blaine County Jail1650 Aviation DriveHaileyID83333208-788-5555
Blaine County Probation Department
Blaine County Probation Department219 South 1st AvenueHaileyID83333208-788-5528
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Warrant Records For Searching Criminal Background Information

Warrant Records in Blaine County Idaho are maintained by the Idaho State Police and they will hand over these documents to you whenever you ask for them. There are a couple of reasons as to why this is done. First off, if someone is arrested or charged with a crime, they will most likely be booked into the jail where they will be staying at the time. The records will then be kept after the jail process is complete.

Warrant Records in Idaho will give you full information about the arrest and the persons criminal background. This can be extremely useful information to have especially when hiring someone to either work for you or for your family. You can use it to check up on the new neighbours and ensure they are not dangerous. It will even be good to have done a background check on your employees so that you know who you are hiring.

If you are a homeowner, you should know that you have a right to a copy of the person’s criminal record. This is called a “warrant of arrest” which means that the person has been arrested and the warrants have been issued by a judge. It will give you the power to be able to do things like obtain a copy of their driving records. It is also a legal document from the court system that states the details of the case. This is required by law in order to keep you informed of the status of a person when there has been an arrest.

Warrant Records in Blaine County Idaho can also be used if you have a need to search for any other records pertaining to a person. This means if you have had an engagement, marriage proposal, court order, etc., you will be able to find out all the details about the person you are searching for. This is a legal requirement by law so that you do not waste time checking with each county that you are concerned with to find out their records.

In the past, most people would rely on a “judgment search” as their only method of looking up someone’s criminal history. But warrant records can help to ease the load a little bit. They are generally easy to access as they are public information and there are many companies that offer them. However, before you start searching through the different companies for the information you need, it is always a good idea to get the advice of an experienced professional first. That way, you will get some insight into how you should go about your search and what the cost will be.

There are also some things to keep in mind with regards to warrant records. If the person you are trying to perform a search on has lived in another county or state before, then some of the information may not be readily available. Also, if the person you are trying to do a background check on has been convicted of crime more than once, there may be some information that is not available. If you are performing a background check on someone, then it is a good idea to take the extra time to get some accurate information before using the information found.