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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2630)Fremont County Police Departments
Ashton Police Department146 North 2nd WestSt. AnthonyID83445208-624-4482
Fremont County Police Departments
Ashton Police Department714 Main StreetAshtonID83420208-652-3987
Saint Anthony Police Department420 North Bridge StreetSt. AnthonyID83445208-624-4001
Fremont County Sheriff Department
Fremont County Sheriffs Office / Fremont County Jail146 North 2nd WestSt. AnthonyID83445208-624-4482
Fremont County Probation Departments
Fremont County Probation DepartmentPO Box 55St. AnthonyID83445208-624-1345
Clark County Probation DepartmentPO Box 55St. AnthonyID83445208-624-1345
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Warrant Records Search – Know Your Rights!

Search for Warrant Records in Fremont County Idaho and save money, time, frustration and any possible embarrassment. Warrant records are those files that show probable cause to believe that a person has committed a crime. Probable cause means there is information that supports the suspicion but not necessarily proof that the person actually committed the crime. This information will be listed on the appropriate form with the courts within the state of Idaho. Search Warrant Records in Fremont County and see if you can find this information online.

There are many reasons someone might want to obtain this information on a person. Employers often want to verify information provided by applicants. They may want to hire someone and check to see if they have a criminal record. This can be especially true of private investigators that have access to these types of records. In this case it is highly likely that an applicant will be denied employment or a promotion in a company if their prior offenses were revealed during a background check.

Companies also use these records to verify that a person was honest when they are hiring. An employer may feel a person is dishonest because they did not tell them about previous arrests or traffic violations. With a public search, such as at the Hoover City Record House, one can see if a person’s past has been made public information. This allows an employer to make a better decision when interviewing potential employees.

There are many times when people will be pulled over for suspicion of DUI without any evidence of a DUI. If the officer does not have any reasonable suspicion to stop the person, they are likely taken to the impound lot, where they will be required to sign a document that says they understand what will happen if they do not appear in court. At this point in time a warrant will be issued for their arrest.

If the person does appear and is found guilty, they can be required to serve additional time in jail. These warrants can sometimes be very specific and require the person to surrender their passport, or they may not have access to a passport. If you have been accused of a crime where you were not charged with a warrant, but you are aware that you do have one, there are ways that you can get your record expunged. A expungement will remove the charges from your criminal record and can be done either through court ordered expungement or by performing the expungement online yourself.

Warrant records can be searched online and can help to protect you and your family. However, a search does not give the person the right to detain you. It only gives the right to search and see if there is a warrant out for your arrest. It does not give the right to arrest you or have you locked up without bail. If a person suspects a friend, relative, or coworker of being involved in a warrant, they should immediately alert the authorities.