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(25)Hendry County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Hendry County Probation Department485 East Cowboy WayLaBelleFL33935863-675-5229
Hendry County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Hendry County Sheriffs Department / Hendry County Jail101 South Bridge StreetLaBelleFL33935863-674-4060
Hendry County Sheriffs Office - Substation712 East El Paso AvenueClewistonFL33440863-983-1440
Clewiston Police Department205 West Ventura AvenueClewistonFL33440863-983-1474
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Criminal Records – How to Search For Warrant Records

What are Warrant Records? Well, they are an important part of the public disclosure process. Every day in Hendry County, Florida there are criminal records and warrants issued. These are public records and can be found on the Internet. When you search for these records, you will receive all types of useful information such as criminal records, jail records, outstanding warrants, public court records, driving records, marriage records, sex offender records, inmate records, and a host of others. The list goes on!

Now that we understand what a warrant is, let’s discuss how warrants are handled in the county. If a crime is committed and the person arrested does not have any record of the crime, they are put into a “Holder Enforcement Area” where they cannot possess a firearm unless they have a valid concealed weapons permit. The reason for this is so that if they are arrested, the weapon can be seized instead of being turned over to the police. If you are ever stopped on suspicion of a warrant or criminal act, you are innocent until proven guilty. Therefore, it is always wise to have your name and address cleared by the officer.

After booking, you are taken back to the holding cells where you are essentially detained overnight. You have no phone calls or water breaks. You cannot discuss what took place during the night or during the early morning hours. If you ask questions about what happened during your time in the holding cells, you may be asked to repeat your information again. If you do not understand any of the information you are given, you are legally allowed to ask for a correction to the information provided.

Because you are innocent until proven guilty, there is no way to prepare for this situation. However, most counties have some type of appeals process that allows you to correct or dispute the evidence if you believe it lacks accuracy. With so many cases of mistaken arrest or warrant records, you need to make sure that you are properly prepared for your appeal hearing.

There are two types of warrants that are tracked through local police departments. The first is an arrest warrant which is issued when an individual is arrested for an outstanding crime such as grand theft auto, burglary or drug possession. The second is a felony warrant which is issued when a person has been accused of a felony such as murder, rape or other serious felonies. Both of these warrants are recorded in their respective departments’ records.

If you are involved in an incident where charges were issued against you but you do not have the records available, you will need to contact the clerk’s office where the incident took place. You can then obtain the court records you need and request a copy of your own copy of the records. Warrant records can include anything from traffic tickets to previous convictions for sex crimes. Therefore, you need to carefully review the details contained within the report in order to make sure that you have the correct information. If the reports that you need are not available online, you may still be able to get a warrant records report from your county clerk.

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